Line and Wash: Still Life - Part 1

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Lesson Description

Part 1 of a series on creating a still life with line and wash. In part 1, we develop the pen and ink drawing. In this lesson, we begin the process of creating a line and wash still that features a flower and a skull.

Lesson Materials

140 lb hot press watercolor paper, masking tape, technical drawing pens (.05 mm and .8 mm), H graphite pencil, kneaded eraser, and a ruler.

Lesson Resources

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Reference Image

Lesson Discussion

  1. Hi Matt…

    I can’t begin to tell you how much I am learning with this course and all of your courses. I’ve been dabbling in pen and wash with water color and the results, well, let’s just say have not been great. The detail of your I stuction is setting off many light bulbs in my head that I know will show in my hand with practice.
    Thank you so very much!
    Mary Jo

  2. Really? A skull and flowers? Can’t we paint more interesting subjects? You are a wonderful teacher, but your choice of images can be unmotivating sometimes. I didn’t finish the lesson on the paint tube, and I am not very interested in painting a skull with antlers.

    • Hi Bonnie,
      The purpose of the lesson is to learn so that you can apply what you learn to your own paintings and drawings. It is not to just create a picture, it is to learn through the process so that you can create your own wonderful art of whatever subject you wish. The skull is challenging. When you face challenges, you grow. Other subjects will seem “doable” since you’ve built up your confidence. You mentioned that you didn’t finish the paint tube. Was it because it was challenging or because the subject got in the way? This course is not about the subject. It is about the combination of media. The subjects are really irrelevant. I’m sure there are countless folks who have created this painting. Take what you learn and create something unique.

      • Hey Matt! In first instance the reference picture did not catch my attention, but at the moment I start drawing it and working on it I really enjoyed it.
        I loved all the details and for the very first time I did not feel in a rush for ending the drawing. I enjoyed all the process! Very good exercise.

  3. Hi Matt,
    I started the seagull line and wash a few weeks ago. I got the line in but hadn’t started the wash. I’m not finding the lesson. Was it removed or am I just not seeing it? Thanks! Great information, btw.

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