Acrylic Painting Lessons

Improve your painting skills with acrylics.
The versatility of acrylics make them a popular choice for beginning artists and professionals alike. Acrylics can be used for classical approaches and modern experimentation. A broad assortment of mediums can be used with acrylics to change their properties, leading to limitless possibilities. Apply thick impasto applications or thin with water to mimic watercolors. With acrylics, it's up to you how you use them.

Acrylic Painting Course
The Acrylic Painting Academy

A complete course on acrylic painting - designed for beginners.

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How to create an acrylic transfer
Learn how to create acrylic transfers in this free painting lesson video.
How to choose the right paint brush
Everything you need to know about paint brushes. Brush hair types, shapes, marks, and parts are all covered in this video, comprehensive guide, and infographic.


Acrylic Portrait Painting Lesson
Learn how to paint a portrait with acrylics in this lesson that focuses on deliberate and visible brush strokes.
Free Painting Lessons-How to Mix Skin Tones
Learn how to mix skin tones using just red, yellow, brown, and white in this free painting lesson video.


Acrylic Seascape Tutorial
Learn how to paint a seascape using acrylic paint in this video that features excerpts from a two hour lesson.


Acrylic Painting Techniques - Apple
Learn basic acrylic painting techniques in this free painting lesson video.
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More On Acrylics...

In the world of art, acrylics are the new players on the scene.  They have only been around for about 50 years, but have already proven to be a favorite medium for many painters. Acrylics dry incredibly fast, allowing for many layers to be created on surfaces quickly and easily.  This quality can be both an advantage and a hindrance. Acrylic mediums are available that slow drying times, making acrylics behave a bit more like oils.  Acrylics dry to a plastic surface that is water-proof.  They can also be thinned and used like watercolor paints.