The Acrylic Painting Academy – Abstraction Non-Objective

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"The Acrylic Painting Academy" is designed to provide beginner and intermediate artists with a complete learning experience on painting with acrylics through "easy to digest" modules consisting of video demonstrations and accompanying ebooks.

Description: A look at abstract and non-objective painting including the differences between the two and strategies for creating paintings of this nature.

Suggested Materials: Stretched canvas, acrylic paints (Titanium White, Raw Umber, Cerulean Blue, Burnt Sienna, Cadmium Red Light, Indian Yellow Hue, Payne's Gray), various painting knives, various brushes, and a cloth.

Next Module: Conclusion


Every demo above is included (and more not pictured.)


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The Acrylic Painting Academy – Abstraction Non-Objective — 8 Comments

    • Hi Wayne,

      At the conclusion of each course that is created, members can vote on the next course that they would like to see developed. A course on abstraction will be one of those choices, so be sure to vote when the time comes.

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