The Acrylic Painting Academy – Color Theory and Mixing

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"The Acrylic Painting Academy" is designed to provide beginner and intermediate artists with a complete learning experience on painting with acrylics through "easy to digest" modules consisting of video demonstrations and accompanying ebooks.

Description: A look at color theory and mixing colors. The properties of acrylic paints, color, and color schemes are all explored.

Suggested Materials: Canvas paper, acrylic paints (Ultramarine, Cadmium Red Light, and Cadmium Yellow Hue), nylon brushes.

Color Wheel Chart Print Out

Next Module: Color Theory in Action


Every demo above is included (and more not pictured.)


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The Acrylic Painting Academy – Color Theory and Mixing — 5 Comments

  1. I didnt watch the video yet but preparing to get paints…. the module lists “cadmium yellow hue”. A previous module mentions “cadmium yellow light” . Are these the same colors? Good course, thanks

  2. You have presented color theory and mixing (which has been confusing to me in the past), in such a concise and easy to understand manner. I appreciate all your lessons, they have been extremely helpful. Thank you.

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