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A collection of drawing and painting courses designed with the learner in mind. Courses are broken down into "easy to follow" modules.  Each course module includes a HD video and an accompanying ebook.  ALL courses are included with membership.

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  How to Use This Site... features lessons on many different topics including graphite drawing, colored pencil drawing, pastel drawing, drawing faces, figure drawing, charcoal, water-based paint, oil paint, and many, many more. We even have digital art lessons on Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Flash. The list is growing everyday!  New tutorials, lessons, course material and videos are added weekly. To receive updates when new content is added, be sure to join the newsletter list.

You can find the individual lesson that fits your needs, learn in detail through the member's courses and Live Lessons, or ask questions to other like-minded artists in the free forum.  Of course, there's also the blog, which features art-related links to free stuff and hundreds of articles on art-related content and resources.

  Art is For Everyone

It isn't talent that makes a good artist. It is knowledge! (and practice) This site will feed you will knowledge, but the practice is up to you. Read my teaching philosophy on how I feel about talent. It may surprise you. You CAN learn to draw and paint. Drawing and painting is a learned skill that takes practice in order to develop.

I believe that art is not just something for the rich and snooty. It is for everyone and you can learn how to create it.  Whether it's drawing or painting or even digital art, we've got you covered.  Students - practice and enhance your skills.  Learn how to draw or paint at your own pace.  Teachers - refer your students to this site, or take a look at the art lesson plans and links. This site is designed for students of ALL ages and abilities.  Best of all, you can get all of this art instruction at home online.

Hi, I'm Matt. I am the founder and main instructor here at The Virtual Instructor. One of my passions in life is to share what I've learned about drawing and painting with folks like you and I'm fortunate to reach so many through my teaching. Learn more about me here. 

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