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Oil Painting Lessons

Learn how to paint with oils.
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"Oil Painting Master Series"

Oil Painting Course
“Oil Painting Master Series” is a video course taught by oil painter and teacher, Ashley Bane Hurst. This course is designed for beginner and intermediate artists looking to get started with oil painting. This course provides a comprehensive overview of the medium of oil painting through logically sequenced modules that include videos and ebooks. (19 Modules |17 eBooks)



How to choose the right paint brush
Everything you need to know about paint brushes. Brush hair types, shapes, marks, and parts are all covered in this video, comprehensive guide, and infographic.
Oil paint - general information
General information about oil painting can be found in this free painting lesson including brush types, surfaces, and traditional techniques.



Knife Painting with Oils
Learn how to paint with painting knives in this video in which a landscape painting is created.


Oil Painting Lesson - Snowy Oil
Paint a Snowy Owl with oils in this lesson that incorporates a complementary color scheme.


Digital Oil Painting
A step by step walk-through of the creation of a digital oil painting using Adobe Photoshop.
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More On Oils...

Oil painting once dominated the world of artistic painting when it comes to choice of medium.  Oils have stood the test of time and are still a preferred choice of painting medium for many artists. 

Oil paints are slow to dry, which allows the artist to work areas in a painting for a long period of time. This can be viewed as an advantage, but also a disadvantage if the desire of the artist is to cover areas of color in a short period of time.  (Drying mediums are available that can speed up the drying times of oil paints to help with this.)  Oils can be used on just about any surface.  The most popular surfaces for oil painting include canvas and panel.