Oil Painting Master Series – Portrait Study Part 1

Oil Painting Master Series: Portrait Study Part 1

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Oil Painting Master Series – Portrait Study Part 1 — 4 Comments

  1. hi. just starting to try to use the courses. This is driving me nuts. Band width is not enough. How do I download these videos to watch them later without the videos pausing while they buffer? Thanks, Tracey in Cape Town – where band width doesn’t seem to be as great as it needs to be.

    • Hi Tracey,

      You can turn the High Definition off by scrolling over the video and clicking the “HD” icon on the video embed. This will make the video playback a bit better in low bandwidth situations.

  2. Hi. My complement for the video courses. Till now I didn’t had any problem watching the videos playing. I am full mmber for some days. Thanks Matt I can’t get enough watching the way you gives the drawing information. Painting seems now more easier to me.

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