Live Lessons: Dog Portrait on Black Canvas

Painting of a dog French Bulldog in oils on black canvas
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This lesson series features:
6 Hours of Instruction
6 Videos

About This Lesson Series...

In this lesson series, we paint a portrait of a dog on black canvas with oils. Painting on a black surface encourages darker values and contrast. Instead of focusing on adding darker tones, we instead focus on adding the lighter values and tints.

Lesson 1 (1:08:30)

In lesson one, we sketch out the contours of the dog on plain paper and discuss the process of transferring our image to the final canvas.

Lesson 2 (1:15:10)

In lesson two, we begin to apply oil paint using a soft, scumbled application.

Lesson 3 (1:11:32)

In lesson three, we continue working on the face of the dog, working our way to the left.

Lesson 4 (1:11:59)

In lesson four, we develop the texture of the nose of the dog.

Lesson 5 (1:05:50)

In lesson five, we begin painting the texture of the fur.

Lesson 6 (58:20)

In lesson six, we complete the painting by adding glazes.

Dog portrait with oil paints

Resources for this Lesson...

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Finished Result

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Lesson Discussion

  1. Hello Matt,
    It’s been a while since I’ve logged on. I’m Keen to get back on track.
    Would it be possible for you to do an owl for a future masterclass? I’m quite fascinated by them.
    Off to complete, ‘25 days to better drawing’, then I’ll start on this cute dog.
    Keep up the good work.
    Kind regards
    Audrey Clarke,
    Maidstone, Kent UK

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