Oil Painting Tutorials

Oil Painting Tutorials


All of the tutorials on this page involve the use of oil paints. Oil painting dominates the world of artistic painting when it comes to medium choice.  Oils have stood the test of time and are still the preferred choice of painting medium for many artists. 

Oil paints are slow to dry, which allows the artist to work areas in a painting for a long period of time. This can be viewed as an advantage, but also a disadvantage if the desire of the artist is to cover areas of color with a new one.  Drying mediums are available that can speed up the drying times of oil paints to help with this.  Oils can be used on just about any surface.  The most popular surfaces for oil painting include canvas and panel.

Take a look at the tutorials below to improve your oil painting techniques. 


Knife Painting with OilsKnife Painting with Oils
Learn how to paint with painting knives in this video in which a landscape painting is created.
Knife Painting with Oils Live LessonOil Painting with Painting Knives - Full Length Video (1:08:47)
Paint a landscape in oils using painting knives in this recorded live lesson. Members Only Become a member
Oil Painting Basic Forms- Full Length Video (1:20:30)
Learn how to blend oil paint in this full length recorded Live Lesson on painting basic forms (cone, sphere, cylinder, and a cube) Members Only Become a member
Interactive Color WheelThe Interactive Color Wheel
Learn color theory the easy and fun way with The Interactive Color Wheel.
Alla Prima Painting with OilsAlla Prima Painting with Oils - Full Length Video (56:08)
Paint a still life in one sitting using a wet into wet approach (Alla Prima). Members Only Become a member
Oil Painting Master Series - IntroductionOil Painting Master Series - Introduction
An introduction to the video series, "Oil Painting Master Series".
Oil Painting Master Series - Materials Part 1
A look at preparing a support for painting. Concepts include stretching a canvas, applying gesso, and preparing panel.
Oil Painting Master Series - Materials Part 2Oil Painting Master Series - Materials Part 2
 A look at preparing a palette, creating your own oil paint from pigment, and the brushes that are typically used for oil painting.
Oil Painting Master Series - Pre-Painting FundamentalsOil Painting Master Series - Pre-Painting Fundamentals
A look at adding paint to a palette, arranging warm and cool primaries, mixing secondaries, and using medium.
Oil Painting Master Series - Blending Oil Paint
A look at isolating values in a painting and using the "stitch method" to blend smooth transitions of tone.
Oil Painting Master Series - Underpainting
A look at creating an underpainting in which values and subjects are blocked in quickly.
Oil Painting Master Series - Indirect Painting
A look at adding glazes to an underpainting.
Oil Painting Master Series - Direct Painting
A look at adding paint to the surface using premixed hues and values.
Oil Painting Master Series - Painting on a Toned Ground
A look at the advantages to painting on a toned surface.
Oil Painting Master Series - Painting Cloth
A look at finding geometric shapes in cloth and directly painting cloth from observation.
Painting CloudsOil Painting Master Series - Painting Clouds
A look at painting simple clouds in an oil landscape.
Portrait Study Part 1Oil Painting Master Series - Portrait Study Part 1
Part one of a portrait sketch demonstration.  In this tutorial, the portrait is drawn using thinned oil paint.
Portrait Sketch Part 2Oil Painting Master Series - Portrait Study Part 2
Part two of a portrait sketch demonstration.  In this tutorial, the portrait sketch is completed by applying layers of mixed skin tones.
Wet into WetOil Painting Master Series - Wet into Wet Technique
A look at the painting technique known as "wet into wet".
Knife PaintingOil Painting Master Series - Knife Painting
This tutorial looks at applying heavy applications of oil paint with a painting knife in order to create a textured painting surface.
Impressionist ApproachOil Painting Master Series - Impressionist Approach
A look at approaching a painting as an "Impressionist" by making bold applications of color and textures in order to capture light within a scene.
Non-Traditional PaintingOil Painting Master Series - Non-Traditional Painting
A look at non-objective painting and using non-traditional tools and materials to apply oil paint to a support.
Painting GlassOil Painting Master Series - Painting Transparency
A look at painting transparency with oil paint.  A glass of water is demonstrated in this module.
Free Painting Lessons- Oil PortraitsOil Painting-  Portrait
Learn the basics of oil portraiture in this free painting lesson video.
Free Painting Lessons-Oil PaintOil Paint- General Info
General information about oil painting can be found in this free painting lesson including brush types, surfaces, and traditional techniques.

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