You’ve Voted. The Next Course Is…

The next art course is...
One of our primary goals at is to bring you the highest quality art instruction. But beyond this, we also strive to cover a diverse spectrum of media, techniques, and subject matter. When we design our courses, we consider the student and how effective learning takes place. For this reason, we structure our courses in a logical order and simplify concepts so that anyone can learn. We also aim to design courses that exceed your expectations and reflect what you want to learn.

At the conclusion of each course that is created for you, I reach out and ask you what you’d like to see developed next. Students are able to vote on course options by participating in a simple survey.

When the survey is complete, the results are analyzed and work begins creating the next course in which you have voted on.

Each course that is developed is lovingly designed and structured to maximize learning. Each course module includes a video and an accompanying ebook that is released to members every week or two until the entire course is complete. Each course that is created is archived and becomes a part of the ever-growing library of courses for members. There are currently 12 courses available covering the following topics…

Voting for the next course ended on July 5, 2018 and we have a clear winner. Thanks to all that voted!

And now for the results…

Here are the options that were offered…

  • Option #1 – “Oil Pastels”
  • Option #2 – “The Charcoal Drawing Course”
  • Option #3 – “Line and Wash – Drawing with Ink and Painting with Watercolor”
  • Option #4 – “Animals with Pastels”
  • Option #5 – “Landscape Painting with Acrylics”
  • Option #6 – “Landscape Painting with Oils”
  • Option #7 – “Procreate – A Digital Drawing Adventure”
  • Option #8 – “Watercolor Portraits”

And here’s a graphical breakdown of the results…

Voting Result1
Voting Result 2

The clear winner is Option #3 – Line and Wash – Drawing with Ink and Painting with Watercolor .

So here’s a preliminary look at what will covered in the next course…

“Line and Wash – Drawing with Ink and Painting with Watercolor”

Line and Wash Course Logo

Course Description: Learn how to combine line drawing and painting as we develop a number of works using ink and watercolor. Like the other courses, this course will cover a variety of concepts and subjects using this specific combination of media.

Concepts and projects that will be covered include (but are not limited to):

  • Materials and various surfaces for line and wash
  • Simple techniques for drawing with line
  • Handling value with line and wash
  • Applying watercolor over an ink drawing
  • Drawing landscapes with line and wash
  • Architectural drawing with line and wash
  • Still life with line and wash
  • Loose and controlled approaches to line and wash
  • Abstracting subjects
  • Compositional strategies

I’m excited to get started and I hope you are too. I expect to release the first modules for “Line and Wash – Drawing with Ink and Painting with Watercolor” to members by the end of August, 2018. Of course, as each set of modules are released, I’ll be sure to let you know through the newsletter. If you don’t currently receive the newsletter, you can sign up it for here. (It’s free.)

Additionally, voters could write in an option if they didn’t like the choices that were offered. I was surprised to see how many folks wrote in “pencil drawing”, “watercolor”, “mixed media”, and “portrait drawing”. (We already have courses on these subjects.) You can check out all of our courses here.

Thanks again for voting! I’m excited about the new addition to the course library and I can’t wait to get started. As always, I’d love to hear what you think. Just leave your comment below…

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Lesson Discussion

  1. Thank you Matt,
    Line and Wash with ink and using watercolors was my #1 pick. Although I did pick others.

    I am looking forward to this course. Very excited!!!

  2. So happy this was the winner! I voted for this course the last time and was disappointed, although 25 Days to Better Drawing has been great to work through. Looking forward to beginning this course.

    Thanks Matt! I have learned so much the past year being a member.

  3. I’m pretty new to TVI, but I’m constantly impressed at the results I get from working with your courses.
    Thanks for putting so much care for the student and thought for the teaching into every lesson.

  4. Thanks Matt….
    my 1st pick was Line and Wash with ink and using watercolors.

    1. Hi Gwin,

      Thanks for your comment. You may be surprised. Sometimes things seem hard on the surface but when we dive in, we find that they’re easier than we first thought.

  5. I didn’t vote for this as I’m still too much of a beginner at drawing and have never painted but I’m excited to see it added where I’ll have access in the future once I feel ready!!
    I love this site and have learned how to draw so much, something I always dreamed of doing and was made reality by Matt’s instruction.

  6. Looking forward to the course. I’ve only recently joined, but I’m learning so much. Thank you, Matt!

  7. Woo Hoo, Yippee!!!
    Been waiting for this, and as you know good
    things come to those who wait!!!!

  8. Thank you Matt for providing us with the opportunity to vote on what we would like to learn next. I very much enjoy your art instruction, your humour and look forward to this new course on ink and watercolour.

  9. Great Matt. I really like this medium. My husband hung a previous lesson’s results (the Chinese street in San Franscisco) and absolutely loves this medium as well. You are a great instructor and have done so much to help my development in art.

  10. I am a new member here and really enjoying your courses. Just starting the drawing courses here. I am just getting back into art after many years, I have more time now working from home and my grown son so its time. I have been trying lots of different mediums to see what I want to learn and really get into besides drawing that is my main reason for joining, I have really been taken by oil pastels. Just something about how it almost forces a painterly, impressionistic approach REALLY appeals to me. I really hope to see more oil pastel courses or live lessons. THank you and keep up the great work.

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