The Results Are In. The Next Course Is…

The next art course is...

As many of you already know, one of the goals of this website is to bring you the highest quality art instruction that covers a widely diverse spectrum of art making media, techniques, and subject matter. Along with this, it is my desire to design courses that exceed your expectations and reflect what you want to learn.

At the conclusion of each course that is created for you, I reach out and ask you what you’d like to see developed next. Students are able to vote on course options by participating in a simple survey.

When the survey is complete, the results are analyzed and work begins creating the next course in which you have voted on.

Each course that is developed is lovingly designed and structured to maximize learning. Each course module includes a video and an accompanying ebook that is released to members every week or two until the entire course is complete. Each course that is created is archived and becomes a part of the ever-growing library of courses for members. There are currently 11 courses available covering the following topics…

Voting for the next course ended on January 14, 2018 and the winning course is quite clear. Thanks to all that voted. And now for the results…

Here are the options that were offered…

  • Option #1 – “25 Days to Better Drawings”
  • Option #2 – “The Charcoal Drawing Course”
  • Option #3 – “Line and Wash – Drawing with Ink and Painting with Watercolor”
  • Option #4 – “The Ultimate Guide to Perspective”
  • Option #5 – “Composition”
  • Option #6 – “The Ultimate Guide to Shading”
  • Option #7 – “Procreate – A Digital Drawing Adventure”
  • Option #8 – “The Ultimate Guide to Sighting, Measuring, and Proportion”

And here’s a graphical breakdown of the results…

Course Voting Results 1
Course Voting Results 2

The clear winner is Option #1 – 25 Days to Better Drawings.

So here’s a preliminary look at what will covered in the next course…

“25 Days to Better Drawings”

25 Dyas to Better Drawings Course

Course Description: Learn a new drawing concept and skill every day for 25 days. Each drawing concept taught includes a short drawing exercise (less than one hour) that reinforces the concept taught. Students can go through the course in sequential order and choose to have an emailed link sent to them each day of the course; or they can take the course at their leisure, taking each day as they find time.

Concepts and projects that will be covered include (but are not limited to):

  • Observational drawing techniques
  • Line drawing techniques
  • Shading techniques
  • Texture studies
  • Developing depth and space in drawings
  • Perspective drawing
  • Facial and figurative proportion
  • Light and shadow
  • Graphite, charcoal, and ink drawing
  • Compositional strategies
  • Drawing with white media on black paper

I’m excited to get started and I hope you are too. I expect to release the first modules for “25 Days to Better Drawings” to members by the end of March, 2018. Of course, as each set of modules are released, I’ll be sure to let you know through the newsletter. If you don’t currently receive the newsletter, you can sign up it for here. (It’s free.)

Additionally, voters could write in an option if they didn’t like the choices that were offered. I was surprised to see how many folks wrote in “colored pencils”, “pen and ink”, “pastels”, “portrait drawing” and “acrylics”. (We already have courses on these subjects.) You can check out all of our courses here.

Thanks again for voting! I’m excited about the new addition to the course library and I can’t wait to get started. As always, I’d love to hear what you think. Just leave your comment below…

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Drawing Course

25 Days to Better Drawings

Learn a new drawing concept every day for 25 days, reinforced with an hour-long drawing exercise.



The Results Are In. The Next Course Is… — 3 Comments

  1. in the few weeks that i have been a student here I have learned a great deal. Your conversation during the live lessons is so relaxed and informative i feel like im in a room with a friend. bought the wrong paper so my soft pastel effort was a mess. next up , my first Watercolor effort. would like to see a more compressive course on figure drawing ,nudes as well as draped . Took me a few months of clicking around You Tube before i decided to try a course. So glad I picked yours .having fun with the different mediums and the amount of info is staggering. thanks so much for all the hard work you put into this ,i am retired and this will keep me interested for a long while. tom N.J. USA