How to draw a realistic mouth with charcoal

How to Draw a Realistic Mouth in Charcoal - Excerpts from Live Lesson


The video featured on this page featured is from excerpts taken of an hour long live lesson that aired in the member section of this site on January 30, 2013.  To see the video in real time, complete with commentary, visit Charcoal Drawing of an Mouth Live Lesson


This tutorial addresses drawing a closed mouth with vine and compressed charcoal on gray drawing paper.  The steps that are followed in this tutorial can be applied to any drawing of a mouth. Like with any type of drawing however, it is best to closely observe your subject matter and draw what you see.  There is seldom a set formula that works for drawing mouths.  There is an order that can be followed, but observation is key in creating a realistic drawing of a mouth.

Here's a quick look at the steps involved...

Charcoal drawing of a mouth step 1
Step One -Define the contours of the mouth.
how to draw a mouth using charcoal step 2
Step Two - Add lines that will become
the texture of the lips.
How to draw lips with charcoal step 3
Step Three - Continue adding lines
for the texture of the lips.
Realistic Mouth with charcoal step 4
Step Four -Begin layering draker
values .
Mouth with charcoal step 5
Step Five - Begin to add areas of
lighter values with white charcoal.
Step 6 to drawing a mouth with charcoal
Step Six - Add areas of value around
the outside of the mouth .
Draw a realistic mouth step 7
Step Seven - Blend areas to create
smooth transitions of value.
Charcoal drawing of a mouth finished
Step Eight - The completed drawing
using white and black charcoal.



The following video features excerpts from the full one hour tutorial...

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