Why You Believe You Can’t Draw and What To Do About It

Why you believe that you can't draw and what to do about it. Why is it that such a large majority of people believe that they simply cannot draw? What exactly happens to us that makes us believe this untrue statement? If you ask a room of one hundred average adults to raise their hands if they believe they can draw, only a handful will raise their hands. If you ask one hundred 5 year olds the same question, nearly all of them will raise their hands. What happens to us to make our opinions about ourselves change so drastically? Can this belief be changed Read more [...]

Drawing on a Flat Or Tilted Surface – Which is Best?

Drawing on a flat surface vs a tilted surface or easel Some of us draw on flat surfaces, like a table, while others prefer to draw on a tilted surface, like an easel or a drafting table. But which is better? Which setup leads to more accuracy in our drawings? In this post, we'll look at the pros and cons of each arrangement and I'll let you decide which is best for you. Considering Comfort When Drawing It's important to be comfortable when you are drawing. When your body is comfortable, you're less likely to be distracted by your posture and you Read more [...]

Real Masters Are Life-Long Learners

Strategies For Learning Art One of the most attractive qualities in the world of art-making is the possibilities of multiple "rights". We can be successful in so many different ways. The pathways to success in a work are many. There is no true "wrong way" to create - instead there are a multitude of "right" ways. It's true that there are those that proclaim to have found the "right" way to develop a work. Whether it be a drawing, painting, sculpture, or collage, these intellectuals deem their approach to be the best Read more [...]

How To Build a Photo Box

How to build a photobox As artists, one of the most important tools we have at our disposal is our camera. Often, a quality drawing or painting starts with a quality photo. While photos are everywhere, it's always best to shoot your own. We can control the light, the subject matter, the arrangement or composition, and the image is completely our own. But for most of us, we simply don't have access to high-end studio equipment to create professional-looking photos - or do we? Here's how to build a photo box Read more [...]

Drawing With Adobe Sketch

Drawing with Adobe Sketch The Live Event Last week, myself and three other artists were invited out to Adobe in San Francisco. Our challenge was to create a complete drawing every day within about 1 hour and 45 minutes on the iPad Pro using Adobe's mobile apps for drawing. The entire process was streamed live on Adobe's Twitch channel (twitch.tv/adobe). (The recorded videos from each day are found a little further down this page, so if you missed it, you can watch them now.) The Artists I was joined by three amazing Read more [...]

How To Make Time For Your Art

How to Make Time For Your Art Our time is perhaps our most valuable commodity. How we choose to use the time we have often directly affects the quality of our lives. Many of us spend a good amount of time at work, often longing for the hours that we get away from it. We spend time with friends and family and many times, our time is spent caring for those folks. We have chores, responsibilities, and many of us use our time to volunteer. The list goes on and on. There are plenty of activities that soak up our precious time. With Read more [...]

The Results Are In. The Next Course is…

The Next Course Is... Most of you know that my goal as a teacher is to serve you as students. Part of this is teaching you what you want to learn. Each course that has been developed over the years has been the result of you telling me what you want to learn. At the conclusion of each course that is developed, I reach out to you and ask what you want to learn next. You guys answer a simple survey with multiple options. When the results are in, I get started developing the next course, releasing course modules Read more [...]

The #1 Drawing Mistake Made by Beginners Plus 7 More

Drawing Mistakes Made by Beginners Never in the history of mankind has a perfect work of art been created. "Mistakes" or better yet - "imperfections" are part of the creation process. Every drawing that we create will have its "fair share" of them. Ironically, it's often these imperfections that attract us to drawings in the first place. There's something special about seeing "the hand of the artist", knowing that the mark is not quite right, yet it still communicates the subject gracefully. I start this post discussing imperfections Read more [...]