How To Varnish And Protect Paintings

How to Varnish a Painting
Varnishing your paintings protects and provides the surface of your painting with a consistent surface. It can also add a glossy finish and make the colors more intense. Unfortunately, many amateur artists skip this essential step and some don't even feel that it's necessary. So, do you really need to varnish your paintings and protect them? Well, do you have antivirus software to protect your computer? Do your children have winter coats to protect them from the cold? Our paintings need a Read more [...]

Vote for the Next Course

Vote for the next course
"Pencil Drawing - The Guide to Graphite" is now complete, making it the eleventh complete course added to our library of courses - which are all available to members. The addition of this course brings the total of course video hours up to 38 with well over 1000 pages of ebooks included. (Each course includes logically sequenced modules that include videos and downloadable ebooks.) At the conclusion of each course, I reach out to you guys for input on the next course that will be developed. Read more [...]

Drawing Political Cartoons Using Procreate – Start To Finish

DRawing Political Cartoons with Procreate
Political cartoonist, Ashley Hurst shares his process for creating political cartoons using the app, Procreate. I remember the world before Photoshop, iPads and digital cameras. It was an analog world - cassette tapes and Cable TV were kings. Pencils and paint brushes were my tools. I was first exposed to an early version of Photoshop in college and at the time, it seemed unsuited to traditional drawing and painting media. All of that has change inside of two decades. I’ll admit, I was resistant Read more [...]

Low Relief Sculpture

Low Relief Sculpture
In ages past, it was common for artists to both paint and sculpt. Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Degas, Matisse – all painters and sculptors. These days, most artists seem to specialize. Why is that? It could be that artists are responding to market demands or it could be that sculpture is no longer taught with the same regularity and emphasis as in the past centuries.  Some art teachers simply avoid teaching sculpture. Sculptural processes can be expensive to teach and teachers must work within Read more [...]

How to Prevent Artist’s Tape From Damaging Your Paper

Prevent Artist's Tape From Tearing Your Paper
If you want those nice, clean edges around your art, then you've likely used or at least considered using a form of masking tape. The masking tape, when used around the edges of the artwork, can produce a sharp border that makes the art look clean and finished. Using tape in this manner is certainly not limited to painting either. It can be used with any drawing medium that may prove difficult to keep within the borders. Masking tape, however, has a nasty little habit of tearing the paper Read more [...]

How To Clean And Care For Art Brushes

How to clean art brushes
Short handle. Long handle. Natural. Synthetic. Cheap. Expensive. The brushes we use to make art are as variable as the artists that use them. Brush techniques differ as well. One thing that remains constant is the disappointing feeling of losing a favorite brush. I’ve used brushes until there was nothing left to use. It’s like dying from old age - sad but expected. More disappointing, however, is losing a brush before its time due to carelessness. To keep your brushes performing at their Read more [...]

Six Reasons to Draw On Toned Paper

Why Draw on Toned Paper
Why Is Paper White? Walk into any art supply store and you will find aisles of canvases and sketchbooks, nearly all of which are white. At the end of the sketchbook aisle you’ll probably find a rack single sheets of paper in a variety of grays, browns and muted hues. Ask a store employee and they might advise that these papers are for pastel. They are partly right. These toned papers have a smooth side and a rougher side. The rougher side is great for pastel. However, all drawing media are Read more [...]

Eight Essentials Of Oil Painting

Essentials of Oil Painting
Oil Paint Changed The Art World. Every so often a technological advancement trusts humanity into a new age. In the last few decades, the computer has changed how we work. Centuries earlier the printing press brought reading to millions and around that same time, the development of oil paints brought pictures to life - like never before. Almost six hundred years later, galleries and contemporary art museums are still filled with fresh oil paintings. Many art supplies have come into being Read more [...]