Art Not Improving? These May Be The Reasons Why

Art not improving
No matter your current skill level, we all want to improve as artists. Some of us are more interested in improving our drawing skills while some of us are more interested in developing our painting skills. We may have a specific medium that we'd like to master or a style that we'd like to develop. Or perhaps, we want to improve upon our artistic voice. It can be frustrating when we want to see improvement, but it just doesn't seem to happen. We look at our drawings and paintings and don't Read more [...]

The New Blue – YInMn – A Brilliant Primary is Born

The New Blue - YInMn
Have you got the blues? You know - Cobalt, Ultramarine, Cerulean, Phthalo... YInMin - what? That's right - YInMin. It's a new blue, well at least a new pigment. And before you get all excited and run out to the art store to buy a tube, you should know that it's not commercially available yet as a paint. But it will be. And it should be available very soon. You may be thinking, a new primary color? Yep, that's right! A new primary is on the horizon and for artists, it could mean a new world Read more [...]

Pastel Portrait Speed Painting

In this recorded Live Lesson series, we create a portrait of a young girl with pastels and pastel pencils. The video above is a time lapse of the entire lesson series. The complete recorded lesson series (5 hours) is available to members here. (Each week a new Live Lesson is broadcast to members, recorded, and archived for replay.) Ensuring Accuracy in a Portrait Drawing When drawing a portrait, accuracy is of upmost importance. The facial features must be positioned in the correct locations Read more [...]

Charcoal Landscape Live Lesson Excerpts

Charcoal Landscape Drawing - Excerpts
In this recorded Live Lesson series, we explore drawing a landscape with charcoal. The scene is quite wooded which results in some nice contrast between the light and dark areas. The video above is not the complete lesson series, but instead features excerpts. The complete recorded lesson series (3 hours) is available to members here. Materials Used in This Lesson Charcoal is applied in various forms in this drawing. Vine charcoal is used for the preliminary marks and blended into the surface Read more [...]

Digital Painting with Procreate

Digital Painting with Procreate
In the summer of 2016, I was invited along with several other artists out to Adobe in San Fransisco to do several days of live streaming with Adobe's mobile apps for drawing and painting. It was really my first experience drawing on the iPad Pro using these apps and it was an eye-opening experience for me. (I had used a program called "Brushes" years ago, but it was wasn't near as powerful as these apps.) Related: My Experience with Adobe's Sketch App I've had my iPad Pro and Apple pencil Read more [...]

Landscape Drawing with Colored Pencils – Excerpts

Landscape Drawing with Polychromos Colored pencils
In this recorded Live Lesson series, we take a look at drawing a fairly simple landscape with oil-based Polychromos colored pencils by Faber-Castell. The drawing is developed on 100% cotton Stonehenge paper. The video above features excerpts taken from this Live Lesson series. The recorded lesson series (5 hours) is available to members here. Materials Used in This Lesson Oil-based pencils are used in this lesson. While similar results can be achieved with wax-based colored pencils, application Read more [...]

You Voted. The Next Course Is…

The next art course is...
This site is designed, constructed, and lovingly crafted for you. It is my goal to serve you as student. A big part of achieving this is learning from you. I want to teach what you want to learn. For this reason, I reach out to you after each course has been developed and ask for feedback regarding which course you would like to see next. Each course that has been developed over the years has been the result of you telling me what you want to learn. Based on your suggestions and results Read more [...]

What Course Would You Like To See Next?

"Creative Mixed Media" is now complete, making it the ninth complete course added to our library of courses - which are all available to members. The addition of this course brings the total of course video hours up to 35 with over 1000 pages of ebooks included. (Each course includes logically sequenced modules that include videos and downloadable ebooks.) At the conclusion of each course, I reach out to you for input on the next course that will be developed. Everyone is able to vote! When Read more [...]