The Watercolor Workshop: Woodland Landscape - Part 2

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Lesson Discussion

  1. I love landscape painting and you have addressed one of the more challenging techniques; namely, how to infuse light starting with the initial warm wash. This set the tone for the lighter values, which in my experience are fragile and therefore more easily lost, and allowed exploration of darks as the work developed. This demonstration was most enjoyable.

  2. I love this painting and under your instruction I was able to come up with a decent painting. But I used Daniel Smith New Gamboge instead of Gamboge Hue, and Cadmium Yellow instead of Cadmium Yellow Hue, because those were the colors I already had. The Gamboge was not the pure pigment but a blend. In any case, I couldn’t come up with mixes that looked like yours, couldn’t get a decent gray, and finally added a touch of Cadmium Red, which helped. You also had a gold color which I couldn’t mix. I noticed the colors in the video were more grayed than the colors in the finished painting.

    I want to try it with different colors. Do you have a recommendation? If not, which brands of Gamboge Hue and Cad Yellow Hue will give the same results as yours?

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