The Watercolor Workshop: Painting with Gouache

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Lesson Discussion

  1. I am a little confused as to whether I need to buy gouache watercolor paint or am I using watercolor paint but adding more water in the application? Forgive the ignorance.

    • Hi Dolores,

      Gouache is a little different from watercolor. The particles of pigment are larger which allows the artist to use it opaquely if they wish. They are different, both close relatives. 🙂

  2. I really like this picture! Particularly the foliage is masterly done! I can almost smell the humid woodland. A very inspiring exercise that I look forward to try. 👍😊🌞

  3. I work with watercolor and recently purchased black and white gouache (although not tried it yet) for my pet portrait whiskers, seeing it used for a whole painting was very interesting, I’ve been nervous about trying it. Also wondered can gouache be mixed with watercolor to make it more opaque and reflective, or only as a last addition to a watercolor painting?

  4. Looking at the time difference and thinking my question may have been missed. still wondering if gouache can be mixed with watercolor to make it more opaque and reflective, or only as a last addition to a watercolor painting?

    • Hi Maureen,

      I’m so sorry I missed your question. Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed. You can definitely use gouache in conjunction with watercolor, but I wouldn’t recommend mixing the colors before applying them to the surface. So you can apply gouache over watercolor or vice versa, but be aware that gouache may re-activate when any water is applied.

  5. Planning on trying gouache this weekend. Im curious about dry time. when you are layering opaque over translucent do you allow the translucent to dry completely?

    • Yes, gouache dries very quickly. You can clearly layer over the top with subsequent washes and if lots of water is used, you will reactivate the material on the surface. But, if small amounts of water are used, layering works like a charm.

  6. I am trying to order gouache paint for this lesson. It seems to be out of stock almost everywhere! Any sense of why or suggestion on where to purchase a gouache set. Thanks in advance!

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