The Watercolor Workshop: Portrait Painting - Part 1

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Lesson Description

Portrait painting with watercolor. Part one of a three-part series on painting a portrait with watercolor. In this module, we explore transferring an image for accurate proportions and mixing skin tones. Initial washes of color are applied.

Lesson Materials

Soft graphite pencil (4B-6B), HB pencil, kneaded eraser, masking tape, 140 lb. Cold press watercolor paper, watercolor paints (Yellow Ochre, Winsor Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Raw Umber), paper towel, nylon brushes. *Winsor and Newton cake watercolors are used.

Lesson Resources

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Reference Image

Lesson Discussion

  1. Thanks. The instructions are great. Request your guidance to transfer images on watercolour paper where the reference photograph either larger or smaller?

  2. when I click on photo reference I expect to get the portrait pic, instead i get a black blank screen on my iMac.
    I need to get the picture so that I can print it. Then I can follow your instructions on how to transfer the picture
    to WC Paper. Help!!

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