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  1. Thank you Matt. I learnt a lot about drawing skill as well as I am inspired by your advice of “where do we go from here”. I have become enjoy drawing more and more.

  2. Matt , eu agradeço mais uma vez o previlegio de acompanhar o teu trabalho . O workshop da acuarela me estimulou a usar este meio em minhas pinturas . As experiencias iniciais me entusiasmaram muito!!!! Jose Martins .

  3. Greatest thanks Matt! Really enjoyed this course, though I admit I shied away from the portrait & the city scape. Gouache is fascinating! I was able to “replace” my unsatisfactory bench people with bushes!
    Your website is the greatest asset a beginning artist could have. The amount of information is phenomenal. Just discovered the search engine on the blog! Thank you! So many things I want to try.

  4. Thanks for this course. It’s been extremely helpful, as have some of the other courses on your site, and has given me the courage to continue to develop and grow. Very well done!

  5. Love the guidance and all the care you have taken in your teaching materials.

    Suggestions: (1) A printer friendly version of the ebooks. The color requirements to print the ebooks goes through a print cartridge pretty quick. Even going to grayscale burns up the print cartridge by using lots of the black/grey to accomplish the design of the ebooks.

    (2) A ‘Table of Contents’ page at the beginning of the course in .pdf format.

    (3) A list of all the supplies suggested in the entire course. I live in a rural area without a convenient art supply/craft store and I like to make my purchases at one time when I drive to the ‘big city.’ LOL. An easy to print .pdf file would simplify the task of knowing what to purchase for each module.

    (4) All of the reference photos in one file—easier to download and take to the print shop and/or print at home.

    Thanks again for the course.

  6. Another really wonderful course! I am so delighted to have found your website!

    I do have a question on gouache and hope this is the right place to ask it.

    I have been told that watercolor painting is septic safe by several art teachers… Is gouache septic safe as well (since its particles are larger and the paint itself has more pigment)? Please advise if it isn’t and how I would go about cleaning up (including the brushes). I own my own house, but have no basement and would have to clean up outside (not always feasible)….

    So, bottom line, is gouache septic safe? Pls advise….. Thanks


    • Hi Gigi,

      Since watercolor and gouache are both water-soluble, my guess would be that it is safe for your septic tank. However, it must be noted here that I know nothing about septic tanks other than they are found in the ground. 🙂

      • Thank you for that quick reply… I would love to continue using gouache! I think I like it very very much!

        I will also reach out to some septic experts to see what they say.

        Your courses are just awesome! They bring together many separate pieces of info into one cohesive whole. Just wanted to say thanks.

  7. Matt, I am a grandmother who has taken a LOT of courses over my lifetime. This is, by far, the most user friendly being online, very complete, affordable, and encouraging. You have made this a wonderful experience, no hassles, no fuss, it’s up to the individual to do what they want with the material offered. And the material offered is so patiently presented, and thorough. With practice, anyone can learn to draw, paint, use colored pencils, pastels, all you have to offer. Even now, with the two courses I have purchased and downloaded, I am so energized once more to practice and move forward. Love what you are doing, and thank you.

    Michele Beesley

    • You know, I do the same thing before any tutorial. It lets me know what I’m getting into. I’m so impressed and thankful to have this website and these videos available.

  8. I have just copied this entire course to my Laptop just incase I cannot get on line – I have difficulty with reception occasionally, and if that is not enough my password does not work sometimes also. These occurrences has nothing to do with the Virtual Instructor courses, as I get trouble in these areas every time Microsoft insists on updating. I have watched a couple of lessons. and skimmed through the remainder. Thanks for all the excellent work you have put into this course.
    Already I can see I am going to have my difficulty level challenged! I have never been any good at portraiture in any Medium. All my faces turn out looking baby-like! Thanks again!

  9. Matt, I am finally realising a 40+ years’ dream to learn to paint, specifically watercolour. I am so lucky to have found your website. I started with the Watercolour Course with lots of hope but not sure if I could pull off all the paintings in your course. The instructions and the knowledge you share made it seem possible. I have been so surprised with my end results! Maybe they look a little different from yours but all quite OK so I am thrilled. Your courses are inspirational and I can’t wait to try some of the other courses and I love your videos of past “Live Lessons” – just completed the “Green bird” with watercolour pencils.
    Thanks for the courses and your love for sharing and making painting accessible.

  10. Hi Matt,
    I am trying to put my color palette together. Should
    I go with the colors in Module 4? Or do you discuss this elsewhere?
    I am a successful colored pencil artist and am getting into watercolors I have a lot of room on my palette but understand that beginners should start out with a limited number of colors.
    Thanks Dave J

    • Hi Dave,

      You can have as many colors as you wish, but a limited palette does help harmonize your paintings. For this reason, I would recommend having one cool and one warm version of each primary color. For example, you may have a Lemon Yellow and Cadmium Yellow – Ultramarine and Cerulean Blue, Alizarin Crimson and Cadmium Red. Along with this, a burnt umber and Payne’s grey are also helpful to have.

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