The Watercolor Workshop: Portrait Painting - Part 2

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Lesson Description

Portrait painting with watercolor. Part two of a three-part series on painting a portrait with watercolor. In this module, we continue developing the values by layering applications of progressively more intense concentrations of color on the face and head.

Lesson Materials

140 lb. Cold press watercolor paper, watercolor paints (Yellow Ochre, Winsor Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Raw Umber), paper towel, nylon brushes. *Winsor and Newton cake watercolors are used.

Lesson Resources

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Lesson Discussion

    • Hi Mary,

      Course modules are published as they are created. The next module in this series (part 3) will be released this weekend. New course modules are released each week or two until the entire course is complete. Announcements on new course additions are made on the Members dashboard as they are published.

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