Pastel Landscape Mastery: Technique - Wet Wash

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Lesson Description

A look at the technique known as "wet wash" in which water is brushed in to areas in which soft pastels have already been applied. In this lesson, we create a pastel landscape that features water and grasses.

Lesson Materials

Watercolor paper, soft pastels, soft brushes (Nylon), water.

Lesson Resources

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Lesson Discussion

  1. Nice lesson. I enjoyed learning more about water. The pan pastels did not do well with the wet wash. The effects in the water were better than the marks on the sky. Have used alcohol before but has a different effect. As always, thanks.

  2. Hi Matt,
    Thank you for the quality of your lessons, I’m really enjoying it.
    I cannot download the video for this lesson as well as some other lessons (e.g. color theory and mixing). Is there a problem with that specific video, or there are some maintenance operations with your site? Is there an alternative way of downloading videos? Thanks

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