Pastel Landscape Mastery: Introduction

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Lesson Discussion

    • Hi Jan,

      The size of the paper that you use is dependent on the mark that you make. If you are prone to “looser” marks, then I would would work on larger surfaces (16″ by 20″ and up). If you are more detail-oriented with your marks, then smaller surfaces will benefit you. If you tend to work with a more detailed approach, larger surfaces may be overwhelming. In all of the instructional videos, the surfaces are small, about 8″ by 10″ or so.

      • Hi Matt,
        Thanks for your prompt answer. That’s clear. I will have to figure out what my style will be. Just bought me 12 x 18 ” Strathmore Artagain 400 and a book Cranson. Hope the strathmore isn’t to smooth 😉 The Cranson seems to have more tooth. Do you have any suggestions to that?

        • My style leans toward realism.I completed a desert sunset painting using Strathmore Plate
          finish which has very little tooth and is mostly used for portraits. I used primarily NU Pastel. Strathmore Vellum works good to. Cranson doesn’t have any tooth it has craters.

  1. I have started using Panpastels also in my pastel drawings and wondered if you have had any experience with them and what you think of them. I have done simple drawings with nothing but them but also have been incorporating them into my works with soft pastels. Being very novice to all of it, I would like to get your opinion of the panpastels.

  2. I am finally about to start the pastel series. I had stumbled across this site before (a year ago when I first wanted to try charcoals) and decided to go it alone instead. I did have some limited success, but more importantly a lot of fun. Recently I decided to try out soft pastels. I came across the pastel eye free video and gave it a shot. The result was fantastic, and very gratifying. That had me convinced and now it is time to give it a go! Thanks for this series, I am very excited.

      • Hi Matt, like Nancy I am looking for the pictures from which you draw/paint but I can’t find a “Photo Reference” link anywhere on the website. Please direct me to where that link is. Thanks!

        • Hi Nancy,

          Under the video embeds that use photo references, you’ll find a link in blue that reads “Photo Reference”. For course videos, this link is in the info box under the video description. Clicking on that link will take you to the photo reference used.

    • Hi Irma,
      This is called buffering and it occurs when the internet connection is not stable or strong enough to support playback of High Definition videos. To alleviate this, you can scroll over the video and click on the “HD” icon to turn High Definition off.

      • Matt, with pastels you know needs a lot of medias. Every time I think I have enough medias, I needs something else! I love pastels the way it works on çanvas. That’s art tools pastels I want to Master! Have a great day.

  3. Matt – I notice that when I use pastels that a lot of ‘pastel dust’ comes off the blocks. I’ve read that this can be harmful if inhaled. Do you wear a dust mask when you are working with soft pastels for a longer period of time?

  4. what size pallet ,as in how many count to recommend. I found art pro, Nu pastels on sale and straedtler karat chalk pastel.
    pigment intensity and high light-fast quality are important to me. What brands that are a little less expensive did you find to have great quality? What do you recommend? I only mentioned a few but I will pay more for quality.What brands do you recommend? Thanks

    • Sennelier, Schmincke, and Unison are the least expensive of the high-quality pastels for artists.
      Terry Ludwigs and Diane Townsends are some of the most expensive.

  5. Hi Matt,
    I just purchased your video to add some knowledge to my new experience with pastels, which I am loving.
    I love your soft voice and your slow movement of the drawing as it gives me time to catch up and not be in a hurry, much less stress.
    So lets see how we go, have a good day.
    Coming from Australia, we have some great landscapes ,now to capture that in my paintings.

  6. Hi Matt, I have just joined your program and am extremely excited and interested. I just recently retired and started drawing again. It had been thirty years since I last did a drawing and I submitted that drawing to you for critiquing. Looking forward to learning…

  7. is there a limit download per day?? why does the download link on your download page isnt working, it said- Failes – No File. Please fix it, im a new member thanks

    • Hi Cent, The download links are working properly. Be sure that you are downloading from the “SD”, “HD”, or “mobile” options – not the “original file”.

  8. I am weak sighted and found this way of teaching so wonderful. Busy making pastel portraits of my ancesters and enjoying it thoroughly.

    Greatings from South Africa

  9. The Canson Mi-Tientes paper has 98 lb on it, whereas the Stratmore has 80 lb written on it. Is this the “tooth” size? Is all Canson paper 98? Is this the paper you are using in this video? Thanks!

    • Hi Ann,

      The weight of the paper refers to how much a ream (500 sheets) of that paper weighs. In most circumstances, it is reflective of the thickness of the paper. Yes, for most of the demonstrations in this course, Mi-Tientes paper is used.

  10. Hi,
    You should update the materials list to include that the paper is Mi-Tientes. You just mentioned Canson in the materials needed list, and then the first thing you need is tinted paper. And what color-tinted paper do you need? So does it matter if you have just white paper?

  11. Hi! Matt, I am the 81 yrs. old that just sign up about 3 weeks ago. I have been checking most of the lesson and I think I will try the Pastel . With a great instructor like you I am sure I will be able to learn some thing I never learn before in my younger days. Thank you .

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