Pastel Landscape Mastery: Silhouettes

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Lesson Description

A look at how silhouettes can be used to place emphasis on dynamic areas in a landscape drawing. In this lesson, we create a landscape painting that features a dark tree against a bright sky.

Lesson Materials

Toned pastel paper, soft pastels, pastel pencils, NuPastels.

Lesson Resources

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Lesson Discussion

  1. Matt, I just want to check in to tell you how terrific your modules are. I’m a beginner and will be uploading some drawings (soft pastels) soon.

  2. PS
    Are your Nupastels what we in UK call Conte Sticks/ Crayons? These are harder than soft pastels. Some of the brands you use don’t seem to be availble here so maybe you could suggest UK alternatives if you know of any – this would be helpful for all media and also paper.
    Thanks, Barbara

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