Pastel Landscape Mastery: Technique - Scumbling

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Lesson Description

A look at the technique known as "scumbling" in which opaque applications of pastel are gently layered to generate texture and optical color mixing. In this lesson, we use scumbling to create a landscape drawing of a tree in a field.

Lesson Materials

Pastel paper, soft pastels.

Lesson Resources

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Lesson Discussion

  1. I have really enjoyed these lessons! I can’t believe how much I’ve learned from watching. Now it’s time to go put them to use. I want to get through as many of the video lessons as possible first, just because there’s so many great techniques that I’m not familiar with. I have had several days this week where my painting and drawing efforts were delayed due to Dr. appointments. Priorities, priorities!!! Those appointments are seriously cutting into my playtime!

  2. Some people say scumbling is apply transparent color to the underlying layer while some other people say scumbling is apply opaque color to underlying layer. I am confused what scumbling is.

    • Hi Jianyu,

      Scumbling is mostly about layering opaque applications. The colors underneath will blend optically with the colors that you apply over the top, rather than actually mixing with them.

  3. Did really good with your free oil pastel painting, but have struggled with the pastels (too much of a perfectionist) but suddenly with the last two paintings things have begun to click. Not struggling but having fun. Thank you very much.

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