Pastel Landscape Mastery: Conclusion

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Lesson Discussion

  1. hello Matt!!I am happy to talk with you again.It is very good to be a MEMBER and enjoy the excellent chance to increase my knowlege about arts with you every day!!!Now I am going to start work hard with pastels because I do not have much experience and after the lessons of The Pastel Mastery Ican see a big chance to improve another way to express my capacity to do something very nice!!!! jose joao menezes marins Agood week for you!!!

  2. Hello Matt!! Alem da parte ténica do curso e dos teus sabios conselhos , tenho aproveitado muito as diferentes opiniôes dos demais membros . Sempre eu consigo selecionar alguma coisa util p/ apreender com os cmentarios dos outros . Jose João Menezes Martins

  3. I am a new member…just this week. I was left all my mother’s art supplies, oils, brushes etc., and the most wonderful collection of pastels. I have played with them, but am now inspired to work hard to master this medium. I love the Australian bush, and my mother did some wonderful oils and pastels depicting it. I want to do the same. I thank you for this wonder site. Regards Ursula

  4. Thank you Matt, I have just enjoyed your 15 part series on pastels and really appreciate your style and ability to focus on and teach us what really matters. Also congratulations on your great conclusion! I had no hesitation on subscribing to an annual membership.

  5. Once again, a truly great learning experience! You are an awesome teacher and artist. Although I find this medium to be messy, (I seem to be spending more time cleaning than drawing), I am in love with the vibrancy of the colors. I actually just bought a landscape set of the panpastels and saw your video on using the panpastels after completing this course. That seems to be a lot less messy and I prefer using the tools instead of my fingers.I

    I just LOVE your courses! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Every course I taken so far is so much fun and so chock full of information, that one can’t help but improve over time.

    Thanks again.

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