Pastel Landscape Mastery – Rocks in the Landscape

Pastel Landscape Mastery: Rocks in the Landscape

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Pastel Landscape Mastery – Rocks in the Landscape — 12 Comments

  1. I am disappointed not to see using the soft pastel sides and creating layering of colors. Feel this is way too basic for an intermediate pastel artist.

  2. hi matt,
    11.some instructors forbid using black ever…. it true it make the painting look flat,dead…
    i really can’t tell at this point of my art journey…
    thanks for your comments!

      • Hi Aura,
        When you click on the button, a dropdown area appears underneath. If you are on a computer with a smaller screen, like a laptop, you will have to scroll down the page after clicking on the button to see all of the download options.

        • I see what happened now. It added to the bottom of the webpage, but that was below my screen and so I did not see the change occur. Thanks Matt. I knew it had to be something simple like that! I love your classes and am learning so very much every day! Thank you.

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