Pastel Landscape Mastery: Master landscapes with pastels.

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This course features:
3 Hours of Instruction
15 Videos
14 eBooks
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About this Course

"Pastel Landscape Mastery" is a comprehensive learning experience designed to provide the student with the most comprehensive approach to drawing landscapes with pastels through easy to understand modules that include HD videos and Ebooks.

What You'll Learn:

  • The basic materials, tools, and surfaces for working with pastels.
  • How to create the illusion of space through atmospheric perspective using an ordered approach.
  • How to paint a dramatic sky through color choice and composition.
  • How to paint realistic trees and foliage in a landscape.
  • How to paint realistic rocks and flowing water.
  • How to paint architectural elements in a scene and create the illusion of details.
  • How to use the mark to create the illusion of moving water.
  • The power of using silhouettes in a landscape.
  • Pastel Technique – Dry Wash.
  • Pastel Technique – Wet Wash.
  • Pastel Technique – Scumbling.
  • Pastel Technique – Feathering.
  • How to use the special properties of oil pastels to create a dramatic landscape.
  • How to properly mat and frame your work.

Course Curriculum


Not all of us prefer to learn from watching videos. Some of us prefer to learn from books as well as videos, so ebooks are included as well. This course has been developed to accelerate learning by teaching to many different learning styles. Each course module includes an illustrated ebook that corresponds with the video. Every step and concept is clearly illustrated and described in each ebook.

What Students Say

"Thank you Matt, I have just enjoyed your 15 part series on pastels and really appreciate your style and ability to focus on and teach us what really matters. Also congratulations on your great conclusion! I had no hesitation on subscribing to an annual membership." -Robin

"Once again, a truly great learning experience! You are an awesome teacher and artist. I just LOVE your courses! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Every course I've taken so far is so much fun and so chock full of information, that one can’t help but improve over time." -Georgiana

"I have been watching several people do pastel painting on youtube, but your lessons are so worth the money, you give so much more information on why you do things and how, so that I am understanding rather than just mimicking others. Thank you so much. You are an awesome instructor." -Josie

"I enjoyed your lesson very much . I love to learn painting and I struggled with materials and basic technique. Your course fit me perfectly. I did not find difficult to understand even though I am just a beginner. I appreciate your passion in teaching. Your lesson inspired me be more confident to learn painting." -TT

Get ALL of our courses, ebooks, live lessons, critiques, lesson plans and more today.