Figure Drawing - Art Lesson Plan

Name of Lesson: “Figure Drawing”


Figure drawing can intimidate some students.  It is however, an essential part of visual art education.  This lessons breaks figure drawing down into a simple to follow methodology that beginning art students can be successful with. I have found great success with this lesson with students in Art 1, although this lesson is probably also appropriate for middle school. 

Materials: Black, Brown, Gray drawing paper, Newsprint paper, pencils, oil pastels

Class Level: Art 1

Overview and Purpose: Students will become familiar with the element- “shape” and use shape to draw to the human figure. Students will create a finished drawing of a figure from a photo using gesture drawing and shape drawing.

Guided Practice: On day three, students will bring a photo of a figure and work from that photo to create a finished drawing using oil pastels. Paper size can vary, but I usually use 12" by 18" sheets of gray or black paper. Toned paper creates contrast for the oil pastels. 

Review: Light source, value, illusion of form and space

Estimated Duration: 5 days

Video Resources
Video Demonstration of Gesture Drawing
Foreshortening - Drawing the Figure in Perspective
Oil Pastels - Drawing of an Apple
Facial Proportions

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