Drawing Paper Bags Art Lesson Plan

Name of Lesson: “Paper Bags”

Draw paper bags - art lesson plan

Developing representational drawing skills is important to any art student.  The skill of drawing is developed by practicing. If you challenge your students to draw difficult subject matter they will respond.  You will see improvement in their drawing skills.  This assignment requires the student to draw from life and helps them to see as an artist. 

Class Level: Art 2/ 3

Overview and Purpose: Students will learn how the element texture is related to the element value.  Students will create a graphite drawing of brown paper bags that they arrange in a still life.

Materials:12" by  18" white drawing paper, graphite, brown paper bags

Objectives: The student will learn that the key to drawing realistic texture lies in value.  Creating an accurate light source and translating accurate values will result in a representational drawing with convincing texture.

Delivery of info:  Students will be presented with an explanation of visual texture and how it can be replicated through value.  Students will receive three brown paper bags.  Students will construct a still life using the three paper bags.  The teacher should encourage the students to crumple the bags to create interesting textures.  Students will draw the paper bags from observation with an emphasis on creating a representational drawing.

Guided Practice:Students will work while the teacher walks around and monitors progress. Students will have 7 days to complete the assignment.

Review: value,texture, drawing with graphite

Estimated Duration: 7 days

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Video Resources

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