Scratchboard Lesson Plan

Name of Lesson: “Scratchboard”


Scratchboard is a technique where the artist scratches away ink to reveal a color underneath, usually white.  This scratchboard lesson plan is a great way to teach students the importance of highlights in an artwork.  It forces them to think in reverse to pull the image from the surface.

Class Level: Art 2/3

Overview and Purpose: Students will learn the importance of highlights and lighter values in the creation of artwork.  Students will learn the process of scratchboard etching.

Materials:9" by 12" scratchboard paper, graphite, ink, scratchboard tools or razor blades, ballpoint pens (optional)

Objectives: The student will learn about creating a full range of value in artworks through the creation of a scratchboard etching. 

Delivery of info:  Students will be presented with a demonstration of scratchboard. It is best to demonstrate this technique through the use of a document camera or with smaller groups of students.  Graphite can be used to draw the preliminary drawing on to the scratchboard paper.  Ball point pens can be used to create indentions in the paper without scratching for a guide for the finished etching.  Students will then draw images onto the surface and use either etching tools or razor blades to scratch away the lighter values and complete a scratchboard etching.

Guided Practice: Students will work while the teacher walks around and monitors progress. Students will have 7 days to complete the assignment.

ReviewValue, Crayon etching, etching (printmaking technique)

Estimated Duration: 7 days

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Crayon Etching

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