The Colored Pencil Course: Watercolor Pencils - Part 1

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Lesson Discussion

    • Hi Nancy,

      Inktense pencils are actually ink, so they will behave slightly differently when layered. They are more permanent (and opaque) than watercolor pencils and cannot be easily reactivated like watercolor pencils. The colors are more intense with Inktense pencils (as the name implies). They can still be used in a similar manner as watercolor pencils, just be aware of the permanence.

  1. Have skipped watercolor pencils as I’m not ready for them and prefer to stick with regular colored pencils and build my skills first with them. Barbara

  2. Hi Matt, Thanks for such comprehensive lessons. I really enjoyed this one and would like to find your landscape course for Watercolor pencils. I may be blind but I wasn’t able to locate it. Where can I find it and what is the fee?

  3. matt,
    i used albrecht durer watercolor pencil #8200=275 warm grey vi
    (faber castell)
    was that #68 eqivalent to derwent blue gray?


  4. Dear Matt , I am a doctorin India and I subscribed for the course last October. I planned to download the videos as I could not catch up with the course ,given my schedule. But now with Corona and even less time on my hands I was disappointed to find that you have discontinued the video download option. And I have not learnt at all systematically. I enjoyed going through most videos. They were very scientific and easy to follow but I definitely need more time with each. Can you consider giving us the download option so that we can learn at our own pace ?

    • Hi Nisha,

      You can watch the videos as many times as you wish while your membership is active. The removal of download links for video files does not change this at all. You can still learn at your own pace.

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