The Colored Pencil Course: Transferring Images

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Lesson Discussion

  1. I tend to use the grid technique for drawings and one of the things I did was print out a 8×10 grid on a laser printer and darkened the lines. This will show through, faintly, with many drawing papers and allows you to use the grid without drawing it on your project. Similarly, since I’m an avid photographer, I often grid my references in Photoshop and then use my iPad to display my reference photo.

    Thought it might help some. 🙂

  2. matt,
    i don’t understand…
    1.what is the “download page” for?’s the same material as on the main page/video…right?


  3. matt,
    1.have you used “Isometric Paper”-alvin ? (for drawing 3-dimensional objects,etc) you know what iam talking about,i found it at local art store..
    3.i also bought the canson graph & layout pad…..i do not know how to use either this or isometric….is there a
    that someday you could do a “live video” on just the “how-dos” for these 2 resources & the use of “View-Catcher”-the
    color-wheel company ?? (the view finder with enlarging size adjustments}
    4.i have not been able to find saral transfer paper or the pencil eraser with little-brush on it…please advise.
    5.i know of artist who use the “projector” to enlarge…what is your opinion on this….is it easier than graph/gird ?
    does it all depend on how sm/lg the work…? the masters didn’t use any of this….what is your opinion ?

    i hope iam not alone in these mathmatically issues in drawing/painting…i want to be confident/independant & avoid
    needless frustration/discouragement….
    thanks a whole lot,

  4. p.s.

    6.have you ever done an indepth “live-episode” (thur) on the subject of enlarging/graph,etc….would you
    strongly consider !!
    thanks again,

    • Hi Norma,

      I’ve never used one before, so it’s hard to make a judgment on its use. It sounds as though the effect is similar to a camera obscura which some speculate was used by artists such as Johannes Vermeer, Leonardo da Vinci, and others.

  5. Matt, I am a newbie on your site. I am having a problem with the videos pausing for long periods and the audio skipping occasionally too. I have a there a way to stop this from happening?
    Thanks. I am enjoying what I am able to see but frustrated with all the pauses.

  6. I have found when I transfer drawings for colored pencil with graphite paper it leaves the pencil lines which show through the colored pencil. I use a light table to transfer my drawing or photo. I place my paper over the drawing ( use dark lines for the drawing so it will show through the thick paper). I trace the lines with the colored pencil lightly, it then will work into the finished drawing with no pencil showing through.

  7. I use to think grids and tracing images was cheating. Now, I’m realizing it’s a helpful tool. It helps me to focus on proportions and spatial relationships. Also, outlines are just that, it takes values to make a work of art come to life.

  8. Hi Matt.
    My name is Steven. I’m 13 years old and just wondering,
    you kinda did a complex picture for this colored pencil demonstration.
    Should I start with a simple picture?

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