The Colored Pencil Course: Portrait Drawing - Part 2

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Lesson Discussion

  1. Two questions:
    1. What is the difference between regular pastel pencils and oil pastel pencils as far as the end results. I do oil painting at the present time.
    2. When you finish a pastel pencil piece, do you use a fixative on it, like varnish?
    Thank you for replying. Ruth

  2. There are oil pastel pencils. They are specialty pencils usually sold as pencils for working on wood (pyrographers use them a lot). I have a set and LOVE them.

  3. Hi, Matt. I have been used Bristol paper of hahnamule but when I intent to apply dark brown over indigo, the blue colored is removed. I think than this paper is too smooth.

    • Hi Maritza,

      Yes, it sounds as though you may be filling in the tooth of the paper quickly. Once the tooth is filled, the material cannot “stick” to the surface.

  4. Hello,

    What is the process for determining which colors of the Prisma Color pencil set to use ?

    How do you know which color should be used to mute another color ?


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