Try Something New in Your Drawings

Draw with Sticks

Why draw with the same old tools?  Ditch those pens, pencils, and brushes for a day and give sticks and stones a try.  Surprisingly, using non traditional drawing tools can produce beautiful results.  Grab a couple sticks (free) and some stones (free) and some ink (not free) and make some interesting marks.  Often times, we can become too rigid with our drawings and paintings which can lead to stale, overworked imagery.  When you allow yourself a bit more freedom to make organic marks, the results can be quite cool.   A stick can make a variety of marks that just can’t be duplicated with pen or pencil.  Give non-traditional drawing tools a chance, you might just find a brand new favorite drawing tool.  To see the full lesson with the video demonstration, click here-> Draw With Sticks

Draw with Repetition

Students at Rutgers University Roger Mason School of Art created machines to create repetitive marks.  The results were pretty cool.  The intent was to create machines to make marks that humans couldn’t normally make.  Another exercise was the creation of guitars made of cardboard.  The instructor of the class, Jeff Thompson, would play “cheesy” metal music at the end of class, and students would strum their guitars with pencils.  The intent was to show students that using deliberate lines is not the only way to draw, and that loose lines are effective as well.   To see the exercises with photos click here> Non Traditional Drawing at Rutgers

Draw with Your Feet

Go ahead and put that pencil between your toes and try to create a drawing from observation with your feet.  Hint: Sit in a chair and tape the paper to the ground.  You may be surprised at the range of lines that you make.  You may be really surprised how much your drawing resembles what you are looking at.  Give a shot.

Draw with Your Non-Dominant Hand

This exercise is related to drawing with your feet.  If you’re right handed, put the pencil in your left hand and draw from observation.  Again, you might be pleasantly surprised at how much you are able to record what you see.

So what not try something new in your drawings?  Don’t be afraid of something that you’ve never tried before.

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