Pixel Pics Portrait Art Lesson Plan

Pixel Pics Lesson Plan

Name of Lesson: “Pixel Pics Portrait”

This art lesson is designed to help students understand the importance of value in how we see things.  It is a time consuming lesson so it is better suited for intermediate to advanced students.

Class Level: Art 4 or Advanced Placement

Overview and Purpose: Students will review the importance of value in art and come to better understand how value affects how we see.

Materials:Various sizes of white drawing paper, graphite, black and white tempera paint, Adobe Photoshop

Objectives: The student will learn the importance of value by breaking an image into small squares and through observation, paint each corresponding square of value to produce an image.  

Delivery of info:  Students will bring in photos of faces.  The students will scan the images into the computer or put the images on the computer digitally.  Using Photoshop, the students will use the "mosaic tile" to break the photo down into small squares.  The image should also be put into "grayscale" mode.  Students will draw a grid that corresponds to the squares on the photo on their drawing paper.  Then, using black and white tempera paint, students will paint a copy of the photo by matching the values of each square in their painting.     

Guided Practice: Students will work while the teacher walks around and monitors progress. Students will have 10 days to complete the assignment.

Reviewportraiture, proportion, figure drawing, value

Estimated Duration: 10 days

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How to Draw with a Grid

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