The Acrylic Painting Academy: Conclusion

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Lesson Discussion

  1. Thank you for a very informative and enjoyable course!I also like your concluding comments on the joy of practicing.I have been inspired to continue learning and practicing!

  2. Thanks so much for another fantastic, well explained easy to digest course!!!
    You are a wonderful teacher!

    I have been out of time for art, and I’m looking forward to put it all to practice.
    Your drawing course, witch was my very first here, was extremely helpful!!!

    I have improved tremendously, thank you!!!

  3. Thank you so much for creating this course; I’ve learned a lot. Your encouraging conclusion was appreciated as well. I hope to be able to use many of the lessons here!

  4. “Some of us are born with talent. The rest of us learn technique!” That’s why I’m here. Thank you for this great course!

  5. Matt, thank you so much. You are a great artist and remarkable professor. All courses are amazing; every video or resource has the touch of a knowledgeable, dedicated, calm, and patient teacher. I am so happy to found this site, looking for learning more.

  6. This was a fun learning experience and provided key information on acrylic painting. I now have a foundation and structure from which I can proceed to build my painting skills.

  7. Thank you so much for this course! You have taught me so much, I will revisit the modules again and again I’m sure! Thank you thank you thank you for giving me the skills to do something I never thought I could, at 46 years old! When I look at my completed works I actually feel good about myself, which is not something I am used to feeling. I want to learn more! You broke the tasks down into manageable steps, explained them thoroughly, illustrated them perfectly. You are a fantastic teacher! I’m on my way to sign up for course number two! Do you have any other acrylic courses? I’d be into that in a big way!

    Thanks so much!!

  8. This course is exactly what I was looking for. It teaches so many valuable concepts of acrylic painting. Thank you for curating this course. I really enjoyed learning it.

  9. Hi Matt,

    I completed this course and learned a lot from you. My main reason for joining this community was to learn acrylic painting. Do you plan to upload more acrylic painting lessons? Also, can you recommend some books for acrylic paintings. I am a beginner artist and I find it difficult to find a reference picture to use for my paintings – any suggestions on this can also be helpful.

    Shahana K.

  10. Wow! What a valuable and informative course…. I have been struggling with painting in acrylics, especially underpainting and glazing. But the knowledge I gained from this course gives me a better way to practice painting in acrylics. Thank you, Matt, for providing “cohesion” to an otherwise confusing world of acrylic painting.

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