The Acrylic Painting Academy: Color Theory and Mixing

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Lesson Description

A look at color theory and mixing colors in regards to acrylics. The properties of acrylic paints, color, and color schemes are all explored.

Lesson Materials

Canvas paper, acrylic paints (Ultramarine, Cadmium Red Light, and Cadmium Yellow Hue), nylon brushes.

Lesson Resources

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Lesson Discussion

  1. I didnt watch the video yet but preparing to get paints…. the module lists “cadmium yellow hue”. A previous module mentions “cadmium yellow light” . Are these the same colors? Good course, thanks

  2. You have presented color theory and mixing (which has been confusing to me in the past), in such a concise and easy to understand manner. I appreciate all your lessons, they have been extremely helpful. Thank you.

  3. I watched your light and form video prior to this one and watched you use Payne’s Gray with the burnt umber to make a mix black. In this exercise however you just stuck with the burnt umber with the primary color. I’m just curious why you chose not to use Paynes gray to make the mix black this time? Thank you! Love the video.

    • Hi Brian,

      You can certainly mix your own black, which will result in a more natural black. For this exercise, I just kept it simple and used black since this is not a finished painting and just an exercise.

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