Master Study Copy Cat - Art Lesson Plan

Name of Lesson: “Master Study”

Master Study Copy Cat Art Lesson Plan

One of the most effective ways to learn techniques is just to copy them.  I realize that copying artworks is controversial because it takes creativity out of the art creation process.  However, technique is important too.  And many will argue that the best way to learn technique is to research it and then copy it.  This lesson is more of an exercise where the emphasis should be placed on learning techightnique. This art lesson plan aims to inform students on Master artists' technique and expose them to some art history as well.  It is advisable to incorporate this lesson after you've had ample time to get the know the student and are aware of their personal style, tastes, and personality. This lesson is suggested for students that are in their second or third year of art at the high school level.

Class Level: Art 2 or 3

Overview and Purpose: To expose students to a Master artist that shares the student's style and tendencies. Students should learn how the Master artist approached creating artworks and should become well-informed on the techniques that made them important in art history.

Materials: Various media for different artists.

Objectives: The student will gain an understanding of a specific art technique used throughout art history and will learn the importance of their assigned artist's contribution to art history.

Delivery of info:  The teacher will present several works of art throughout history to the class.  The class should discuss visual differences in the works and hypothesize on possible reasons artists approached subjects in different ways. The teacher will evaluate each student's tastes and artistic tendencies and assign each student a specific artist that they should research.     

Guided Practice: Students will research their assigned artist, learn about their life, time period, and most well-known techniques.  The student will choose one work from the artist's body of work in which to create a Master Study. The Master Study should be completed in the same medium on the same surface as the assigned artist.  At the conclusion of the assignment, students will present their completed works to the class and will give an oral report on the artist that they were assigned.  Teachers may wish to assign extra credit to students that come to class on critique day "in character". 

ReviewTypes of Art

Estimated Duration: 15-20 days

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