How to Draw a Person - Standing


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Learning how to draw people can be difficult.  In fact, the human figure is considered by many to be the most difficult subject matter to draw. The human figure is such an organic form. With just a simple angle change or view, the way a figure drawing is approached changes completely.  Drawing skill, however, increases dramatically when difficult subject matter is faced head on.  Therefore the more that you practice with figure drawing, the better at general drawing you will get.  Your drawing skills will just improve quicker because figure drawing or drawing people is challenging.

How to Draw a Person - Standing - Step by Step

Although there are no formulas for drawing realistic people, there is a step by step process that will help you make decisions about your drawing, so that your finished result is accurate.

First, draw a line from the head to the feet of your subject.  This will ensure that you get your entire drawing on the surface and help you visually measure the person.

How to draw a person standing head to feet

From here, you can draw a line for the shoulders and a line for the waist.

How to draw a person standing step 2 waist and shoulders

Now, you can draw a simple stick figure.  From here, we'll finish the drawing.

How to draw a person standing stick figure

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