How to draw a person with their arms crossed head

How to Draw Crossed Arms-Figure with Arms Crossed


The figure has been described as one of the most difficult subjects when it comes to drawing.  It is also the same subject matter, that when practiced, will help you improve quicker than any other subject.  When you draw subject matter that is challenging, you get better quicker.  So, don't avoid figure drawing, instead embrace it. 

In the video tutorial below, we'll examine how to draw a person with their arms crossed.


Drawing a Person with Their Arms Crossed

Issues can arise when drawing a figure in a pose that is unfamiliar.  If you remember that a figure can be broken down into a simple structure, then drawing a person with their arms crossed can be a bit easier.

First decide where the shoulders are and draw a line to represent them.

How to draw crossed arms

From here, you can draw the upper and lower part of the arms with lines to represent the bone structure of the arm.

How to draw arms crossed



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