How to Draw a Person Running


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The figure is regarded as one of the most difficult subjects to draw.  It's no wonder either.  The human figure is a dynamic object.  It is capable of constant change.  Because of this, creating a method of steps that will work for all body types can be difficult. All of this is compounded when the figure is placed in a motion like running. 

Although there is not a concrete formula for drawing a figure, there are some steps that can help you get the proportions of the figure correct.  Following these steps will not guarantee a perfect figure drawing, but it will give you a strong start. 

You will still need to pay attention to values, lines, and shapes in order for your figure drawing to translate properly.  To properly view all of these qualities in your subject, you may consider using a photo reference.

This is especially true when the figure is moving.  (It is understandable hard to get a figure model to stand in a running pose)  The pose that is demonstrated on this page is a person that is running from a side view. 

This is a great pose to start with as it is less difficult to draw than a pose from the front or 3/4 view. 

Begin by drawing a line from the head to the feet of your subject.  Doing this will ensure that you get the entire figure on your paper.

How to draw a person running - line from the head to the feet

Next, locate a line for the shoulders and the waist and add these line lightly to the drawing.  The entire pose rests on these two lines.

How to draw a person running - line for the shoulders and waist

The next step is simply to draw a stick figure.  You may choose to draw simple geometric shapes for hands and the feet.

How to draw a person running - stick figure

From here you can complete the drawing by adding the details over the framework that you have created.

How to draw a person running

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