Futuristic Perspective Drawing - Art Lesson Plan

Name of Lesson: “Futuristic Perspective Drawing”

Perspective Drawing Lesson Plan

Students love using perspective in their drawings once they know how to use it.  This lesson teaches the student how to use one point and two point perspective to create the illusion of space on a two dimensional surface.  This lesson is appropriate for students in level one art classes as well as middle school students. 

Class Level: Art 1

Overview and Purpose:  This project will expose students to linear perspective, specifically one point and two point perspective.  It will also expose students to the proper use of colored pencils.

Materials: 12” by 9” black, gray, or brown paper, colored pencils, graphite

Objectives: The students will learn to use one and two point perspective effectively.  The students will create an image using one point or two point perspective to illustrate the future and finish the image using colored pencils.

Delivery of Info:  Students will spend two days learning one point and two point perspective. The teacher will then present a presentation and demonstration on the use of colored pencils.

Guided Practice:  Students will use colored pencils to illustrate their creative vision of the future.  The only requirement is to use either one point or two perspective to create the illusion of space on the surface. Teacher will walk around the room while students work and answer any questions that students might have.

Estimated Duration:  7 days

Video Resources
One Point Perspective
Two Point Perspective
How to Draw with Colored Pencils

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