Cross Contour Line Drawing - Lesson Plan

Name of Lesson: “Cross Contour Line Drawing”


Line is the most fundamental element of art.  It is important for art students to understand the uses of line when it comes to the creation of successful works of art.  This lesson is one that I use for level one students.  It is a challenging assignment, but one that is important for understanding the significance of cross contour lines. 

Class Level: Art 1

Overview and Purpose:  To expose students to the element of art, line.  To teach students the variations and uses of line. 

Materials: Graphite, black pens, markers, 9” by 12” white drawing paper

Objectives:  The student will learn the concept of line.  The student will learn the concept of contour lines.  The student will learn the concept of cross contour lines.  The student will learn line quality and it’s effects on form and light.  The student will learn how to use cross contour lines to give the illusion of form and light.

Delivery of info:  The teacher will present PowerPoint on Line.  (PowerPoint is available to members) The presentation exposes students to the concepts of line, line quality, contour line and cross contour line.

Guided Practice:  Students will have objects placed on their table.  One object shall be on each table. The teacher will lead in a series of exercises designed to reinforce concepts.

1. Students will draw a contour line of the the object

2. Students will trade objects and do another contour line drawing

3. Students will then do a blind contour line drawing

4. Students will trade objects and do another blind contour line drawing

5. Students will trade objects and do a contour line drawing and then enhance that drawing by adjusting line quality

6.Students will then enhance the drawing further by adding cross contour lines to indicate form and value

The teacher will then show examples of finished cross contour line drawings and set high expectations for completed work.  Students will draw imagery first of their choosing in graphite lightly on 9" by 12" white drawing paper.  Then they will go over the graphite with markers and pens and enhance line quality and create cross contour lines.  Students will then erase pencil lines last.

Review:  What is line?  What is line quality?  What is the difference between cross contour lines and contour lines?  What are cross contour lines used for?

Estimated Duration: 6 Days

Video Resources
Blind Contour Line Drawing
Cross Contour Lines

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