Crayon Etching - Art Lesson Plan

Name of Lesson: “Crayon Etching”

Crayon Etching Lesson Plan

Crayon Etching is a classic visual arts lesson.  It allows all students to be successful as long as directions are followed.  Not only are the student products good, but the process is enjoyable and engaging for students of all levels and abilities.  This lesson is appropriate for students of all levels.  It can be adjusted to be more complex or simple.

Class Level: Art 1

Overview and Purpose:  The student will learn the relevance of the principle rhythm in relation to successful works of art.  The student will learn the method of crayon etching and how pattern works to create a visual rhythm in the process.

Materials: 18” by 24” white paper, black markers, graphite, crayons, black ink, chalk

Objectives:  The student will use the process of crayon etching to learn how pattern affects the principle of art- rhythm

Delivery of Info:  Students will be presented with a power point presentation on pattern and visual rhythm.  Students will also learn through the PowerPoint the process of crayon etching.

Guided Practice: Students will draw bright images in pencil first. Then students will go over pencil lines with black marker.  Students will then color darkly with crayons making sure that all white marks are completely covered.  A layer of chalk will be added to the surface.  Then ink is spread over the colored surface.  While the ink dries, students will draw at least eight different patterns on a small sheet of drawing paper.  When the ink dries, they will be prepared to start etching out from these pattern designs on their final work.

Review: principles of art

Estimated Duration: 15 - 20 days

Video Resources
Video Demonstration of Crayon Etching

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