Reduction Printmaking With Linoleum

Reduction Printmaking with Linoleum
What is a Reduction Print? Printmaking is often defined by high-contrast, single-color images. A reduction print includes several colors. The artist carves away or “reduces” portions of a printing block, printing at intervals, one color at a time. Colors are usually printed from lightest to darkest since dark colors cover lighter color better than the reverse. There are two broad categories that most printmaking processes fall into: relief and intaglio. Intaglio processes include engraving Read more [...]

Pastelmat Review and Demonstration

Pastelmat Review and Demonstration
In this review and pastel lesson, we take a look at Pastelmat paper by Clairefontaine. I share my first impressions of this paper, weigh the pros and cons, and create a drawing with a bit of instruction included. It should be noted that although this review is focused on using pastels on Pastelmat, this surface is suitable for a variety of drawing media. The following video features my unbiased review of Pastelmat paper and includes a short demonstration of drawing on this paper. More on this Read more [...]

10 Exercises for Confident Lines and Accurate Hatching

Line drawing exercises
Artist Eugenia Hauss shares a lesson on drawing lines with control and a few drawing exercises to hone your skills. I don’t think it's an exaggeration to say that every artist wants to create amazing drawings and paintings. We want to combine technical skills with creativity, communicating our unique vision and imagination – even if it’s just a five-minute sketch. Don't you agree? But before it becomes possible to create mind-blowing artworks, we have to spend some time with the basics. Read more [...]

How to Paint Waves with Acrylics

How to paint waves with acrylics
In this acrylic painting lesson, we'll take a look at painting waves. It may seem like a daunting task to create this illusion. But with a little patience, an understanding of directional brush stroking, and the use of appropriate value and color, this process is actually manageable and quite a bit of fun. The following video demonstrates the process of painting waves with acrylics from start to finish. More on this lesson can be found below the video, further down the page. DOWNLOAD VIDEO Get Read more [...]

Movement – A Principle of Art

Movement - A Principle of Art
Movement... sounds exciting doesn’t it – like dancing. Dance itself, is an art form entirely based on movement. Visual art uses movement too - but in a different way. Visual movement is the principle of art used to create the impression of action in a work of art. Movement can apply to a single component in a composition or to the whole composition at once. Visual movement is dependent on the other elements and principles of art. Rhythm, line, color, balance and space are all examples Read more [...]

You’ve Voted. The Next Course Is…

The next art course is...
One of our primary goals at is to bring you the highest quality art instruction. But beyond this, we also strive to cover a diverse spectrum of media, techniques, and subject matter. When we design our courses, we consider the student and how effective learning takes place. For this reason, we structure our courses in a logical order and simplify concepts so that anyone can learn. We also aim to design courses that exceed your expectations and reflect what you want to Read more [...]

How to Draw a Frog with Graphitint Pencils

How to Draw a Frog with Graphitint Pencils
Artist Eugenia Hauss shares a step by step drawing lesson on drawing a frog with Graphitint pencils on toned paper. Summer is the time of bright colors, fun, and constant inspiration; there are so many subjects to draw and paint! Let’s use these recourses wisely and get the most of them. I invite you to a new artistic journey. Today, we’ll dive into the world of sketching with tinted graphite pencils. Along the way, we’ll explore the advantages of textured paper and using toned paper instead Read more [...]

Pen and Ink Lesson – Portrait Drawing

Pen and Ink Lesson - Portrait Drawing
In this pen and ink drawing lesson, we'll take a look at drawing a portrait with pen and ink. Like with all pen and ink drawings, line will play an essential role in this drawing. We'll use it to develop the form, texture, light, and design elements. The following video demonstrates the process of developing the portrait drawing from start to finish. More on this lesson can be found below the video, further down the page. DOWNLOAD VIDEO Get access to ALL of our courses today ...for Read more [...]