How To Clean And Care For Art Brushes

How to clean art brushes
Short handle. Long handle. Natural. Synthetic. Cheap. Expensive. The brushes we use to make art are as variable as the artists that use them. Brush techniques differ as well. One thing that remains constant is the disappointing feeling of losing a favorite brush. I’ve used brushes until there was nothing left to use. It’s like dying from old age - sad but expected. More disappointing, however, is losing a brush before its time due to carelessness. To keep your brushes performing at their Read more [...]

Six Reasons to Draw On Toned Paper

Why Draw on Toned Paper
Why Is Paper White? Walk into any art supply store and you will find aisles of canvases and sketchbooks, nearly all of which are white. At the end of the sketchbook aisle you’ll probably find a rack single sheets of paper in a variety of grays, browns and muted hues. Ask a store employee and they might advise that these papers are for pastel. They are partly right. These toned papers have a smooth side and a rougher side. The rougher side is great for pastel. However, all drawing media are Read more [...]

Eight Essentials Of Oil Painting

Essentials of Oil Painting
Oil Paint Changed The Art World. Every so often a technological advancement trusts humanity into a new age. In the last few decades, the computer has changed how we work. Centuries earlier the printing press brought reading to millions and around that same time, the development of oil paints brought pictures to life - like never before. Almost six hundred years later, galleries and contemporary art museums are still filled with fresh oil paintings. Many art supplies have come into being Read more [...]

The Art of Teaching Art

The art of teaching art
What Makes a Strong Teacher? We’ve all had teachers in our lives that are memorable. Unfortunately, we remember some of them as poor teachers. For some, we only remember a little and maybe have forgotten their names or any of the details of the class they taught. But for a few teachers, we remember them in detail and what we’ve learned in their class has stuck with us for many years. In some cases, the direction of our lives has been changed forever because of the influence of these special Read more [...]

The Multiple Rights of Art

The Multiple Rights of Art
We've all been taught throughout our lives there is one right answer to problems. There is the "correct" answer and then an infinite number of incorrect answers. In math, "2 + 2" will always equal "4". All other answers are wrong. There is a solution - one solution - and everything else is wrong. For the most part, we continue to train our students to think this way. We train them to respond with the correct answer - in the classroom and on the test. We tell them that there's one Read more [...]

Art Not Improving? These May Be The Reasons Why

Art not improving
No matter your current skill level, we all want to improve as artists. Some of us are more interested in improving our drawing skills while some of us are more interested in developing our painting skills. We may have a specific medium that we'd like to master or a style that we'd like to develop. Or perhaps, we want to improve upon our artistic voice. It can be frustrating when we want to see improvement, but it just doesn't seem to happen. We look at our drawings and paintings and don't Read more [...]

The New Blue – YInMn – A Brilliant Primary is Born

The New Blue - YInMn
Have you got the blues? You know - Cobalt, Ultramarine, Cerulean, Phthalo... YInMin - what? That's right - YInMin. It's a new blue, well at least a new pigment. And before you get all excited and run out to the art store to buy a tube, you should know that it's not commercially available yet as a paint. But it will be. And it should be available very soon. You may be thinking, a new primary color? Yep, that's right! A new primary is on the horizon and for artists, it could mean a new world Read more [...]

Pastel Portrait Speed Painting

In this recorded Live Lesson series, we create a portrait of a young girl with pastels and pastel pencils. The video above is a time lapse of the entire lesson series. The complete recorded lesson series (5 hours) is available to members here. (Each week a new Live Lesson is broadcast to members, recorded, and archived for replay.) Ensuring Accuracy in a Portrait Drawing When drawing a portrait, accuracy is of upmost importance. The facial features must be positioned in the correct locations Read more [...]