Sell Your Art on Etsy

How to Sell Your Art on Etsy Do you sell your artwork or have you ever considered doing so? Maybe you want to sell your art, but you're not sure where to find people to buy it. Let's face it, the old way of selling your work through a gallery or dealer is a "tough road to plow".  You have to first fall in to the graces of a dealer or gallery.  Then they have to sell the type of work that you create to their customer base of collectors.  Then, they take a cut - usually a huge one.  Some galleries will take 50% or more Read more [...]

Crush Artist Block and Work S.M.A.R.T.

Overcoming Artist Block Everything's ready. The materials are out and your mind is clear. Your motivation level has never felt higher. You are ready to create. You sit down to work and then it hits you. Like a massive semi-truck barreling down the road at 75 miles per hour, the blank paper or canvas smacks you square in the face. You are now in "gridlock" - stunned and frozen by some mysterious force. You feel helpless and a little panicked as the white of the surface grows brighter and more intense. A sense of Read more [...]

Understanding Your Learning Style

Understanding Your Learning Styles Nearly every second of the day, we are learning.  Most of the time we aren't even aware of the process. Sure, there are times when we are actively aware that we are learning - when we are "trying" to learn.  But there are also times, when learning just happens. Why is it that some things seem easy to grasp, while others seem impossible? Why do some bits of information "stick", while others seem to get lost. While we often think about what we are learning, we seldom consider how we Read more [...]

All About Drawing Papers and Surfaces

All About Drawing Papers What's the first thing that you consider when you're about to start a drawing? Is it the subject matter, the medium, or maybe the composition? These aspects are incredibly important to your success, so it's no wonder that they are typically the first places that your mind goes when starting a drawing. How much and how often do you consider the surface itself? Often neglected in the art-making process is the surface that the art is created upon - in essence, the very foundation of your work. Read more [...]

The 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge – Winner Announcement

wehaveawinner Thank you to all of you that participated in "The 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge". 60 of you posted your work on the forum, and I'm sure many more participated without sharing. 460 images were shared! Remember, the point of this contest was to encourage daily drawing which leads to visible drawing improvement. Even though the contest is over, you should continue to draw everyday! The winner is forum member, "mikayla". Mikayla will receive... Lifetime Membership at Read more [...]

5 Tips For Better Compositions

5 Tips for Better Composition I used to play in several bands.  I am a drummer and although drummers don't really receive the same respect as the other musicians, we are still very much musicians.  Ask any drummer and they will tell you that successful pieces of music have a clear structure, an ordered approach that has been rehearsed and practiced. Imagine playing in a band that just wanted to "wing it", without any structure or practice. Clearly this would be a disaster.  In this scenario, each musician in the band Read more [...]

The Best Books for Learning How to Draw

Books for Learning How to Draw We all learn in different ways. Some of us learn by watching, others by doing, and others by reading.  Many of us learn most effectively by doing a combination of these things. Instructional videos are great for learning because the artist can demonstrate techniques in real time and explain their actions and thought process throughout the video. Instructional videos meet many styles of learning and for this reason are a popular platform for learning. Videos are also more accessible than ever. Read more [...]

We Can All Be Masters

How to Become a Master Artist It's easy to watch a master draw and think that their actions are almost magical.  The lines are made with such accuracy and the marks, gracefully executed. The medium that is used is almost an extension of their body.   It's mesmerizing to watch masters work, layering mark after mark with such speed, grace, and accuracy. Unfortunately, for someone with less experience drawing, watching a master work can also be discouraging. We watch the master work and think to ourselves, "I'll never Read more [...]