Observational Drawing and Painting – 6 Things to Look For

How to draw and paint what you see. We hear it all the time - "Draw or paint what you see." Seems simple enough, right? Just look at whatever your subject may be and put it on the surface. Artists and art instructors are notorious for telling their students to "just draw what they see", often leaving the student with a confused look on their face. For those of us that already know what to look for, this infamous statement makes perfect sense. It seems simple, because it is simple. Many students however, simply do not Read more [...]

Want to Learn How to Paint? Better Learn How to Draw.

Learn how to paint by learning how to draw There is a prevalent misconception that drawing and painting are incredibly different. Some people believe that you can learn painting without understanding the core concepts of drawing. Not only is this misconception completely wrong, but believing it can hinder your development as an artist. The reality is that drawing and painting go "hand in hand". Learning how to draw is a stepping stone to learning how to paint. Concepts learned from drawing carry over into painting, and understanding Read more [...]

How to Market Your Art – A Guide

How to market and sell your art Have you tried to sell your art, but with limited results? You know your art is quality enough to sell, but the sales just aren't happening. Without any sales, you may even start to get discouraged from making art all together, thinking that you just aren't good enough. If any of this applies to you, then take heart - you are definitely not alone. The good news is that you don't have to be the world's next "Picasso" to make sells. You just need to know how to sell and selling is skill Read more [...]

The Inner Artistic Struggle We All Fight

Artistic Struggle It's easy to look at a work of art created by a master and think that it was so easy for them to create. It often seems that when when we watch a master work, it even looks easy. It's no wonder that many of us become discouraged by this thinking and doubt starts to enter our minds. You may think, "it's not easy for me, so I'll never be able to reach this level of skill." Although some accomplished artists will never discuss this or admit it, the truth is that art is a struggle - for everyone. Read more [...]

5 Things I Learned in Art School

5 Things I Learned in Art School In my last post, I shared 5 things that I never learned in art school. And after reading that post, you may think that I didn't learn much of anything during my six year tenure. But, I actually learned quite a lot. In this post, I’ll share five things that I did learn in art school. When I entered art school, nearly twenty years ago, I never could have predicted that these five things would be the biggest “take aways” from my experience. But each of them has been incredibly important Read more [...]

5 Things I Never Learned in Art School

5 Things That I Never Learned in Art School It’s been a while since I graduated from college, but what I learned and what I didn’t is still a clear memory. I think that time often allows us to look back in retrospection with a clearer picture. I never would have been able to put this list together a month, or even a year after my graduation. But now, nearly 15 years later, it’s clear to me how art school benefited me and how my exceptions of what I was to gain from attending were wrong. Call this a disclaimer if you like, but Read more [...]

3 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Drawing Without Picking Up a Pencil

Improve Your Drawing Without Picking Up a Pencil Yes, you read that right. Now I understand that there may not be many situations where you would be without a pen or a pencil when you want to work on your drawing skills.  So, while this list may not be the most practical, it does shed some light on how we might can improve how our minds perceive and make sense of the subjects that we draw.     A major misconception with drawing is that it’s purely a process of making marks on a surface.  And while it’s true that drawing is about mark-making, Read more [...]

The Creative Process

Creative Process Header Opinions vary on the actual steps involved in the creative process.  Some like to compare the steps to the scientific method, while others like to take a decidedly more creative approach. The truth is that we all approach what we create differently.  And although this post is about "the creative process" in general, the actual steps involved will vary from person to person. For some, the process is easy.  For others, it can be torture. The Brain The creative process requires the Read more [...]