How to Know When An Artwork is Finished

How Do I Know When My Art is Finished Creating an artwork is a deeply personal experience. Sometimes, it's as if your soul is transmitted to the surface through the marks that are made. The very nature of creating is so personal that sometimes it's hard to know when to stop. The reality is that deciding when to stop "speaking" is tough for all of us.  But knowing when and where to draw the line (no pun intended) is important to success. We don't want to overwork our art, but we also don't want to stop before it has reached Read more [...]

The Watercolor Workshop Modules

The Watercolor Course As most of you are probably aware, the next course is right around the corner for members. You guys voted, and a course on watercolor painting was the resounding winner! It is my goal to provide you with the instruction that you want, so the watercolor course is in the works with modules to be released later this month (December 2014). The course will be called "The Watercolor Workshop" and it should be a great addition to the other courses that are already available to members. But before Read more [...]

Artistic Self Confidence – Why You Need it and Why it’s Important

How to develop artistic confidence It can attack at any moment during the creation process. Many times, it sets in before you even start, when the concept is still fresh in your mind - before any marks are made, or the medium has been chosen. You are motivated to create but before you can even start, you tell yourself, "I can't". It can also set in during the process itself while strokes are fresh. You second guess every decision, every mark, every color. The art-making process quickly becomes a mental struggle with yourself. Read more [...]

Value vs. Intensity

Value vs. Intensity The words, "value" and "intensity" are thrown around quite a bit in the world of art-making. And although their definitions are quite different, they are often confused with each other. While value and intensity are different, they do have somewhat overlapping applications. This is one of the reasons that they are so often confused. Even though their applications are sometimes used interchangeably, knowing the difference between the two can help us make better aesthetic decisions in our Read more [...]

It’s Time to Try a New Medium

Try New Art Medium I was in my second year of art school when my life changed. Well, my artistic life anyway. It was in a special course for illustrators, appropriately named "Media and Methods". It was taught by a visiting professor who was just barely out of Grad school. Looking back, I think that he taught this course only because the other "established" professors didn't want to. They were "specialists" after all. How could a "painter" teach someone a drawing medium - absurd. The course, as it Read more [...]

Sell Your Art on Etsy

How to Sell Your Art on Etsy Do you sell your artwork or have you ever considered doing so? Maybe you want to sell your art, but you're not sure where to find people to buy it. Let's face it, the old way of selling your work through a gallery or dealer is a "tough road to plow".  You have to first fall in to the graces of a dealer or gallery.  Then they have to sell the type of work that you create to their customer base of collectors.  Then, they take a cut - usually a huge one.  Some galleries will take 50% or more Read more [...]

Crush Artist Block and Work S.M.A.R.T.

Overcoming Artist Block Everything's ready. The materials are out and your mind is clear. Your motivation level has never felt higher. You are ready to create. You sit down to work and then it hits you. Like a massive semi-truck barreling down the road at 75 miles per hour, the blank paper or canvas smacks you square in the face. You are now in "gridlock" - stunned and frozen by some mysterious force. You feel helpless and a little panicked as the white of the surface grows brighter and more intense. A sense of Read more [...]

Understanding Your Learning Style

Understanding Your Learning Styles Nearly every second of the day, we are learning.  Most of the time we aren't even aware of the process. Sure, there are times when we are actively aware that we are learning - when we are "trying" to learn.  But there are also times, when learning just happens. Why is it that some things seem easy to grasp, while others seem impossible? Why do some bits of information "stick", while others seem to get lost. While we often think about what we are learning, we seldom consider how we Read more [...]