Colored Pencils vs. Watercolor Pencils vs. The Others

Colored Pencils vs. Watercolor Pencils vs. The Others It's great that there are so many different forms of colored media out there for artists to use. Many are produced in pencil form, attracting the multitudes already conditioned to the feel and familiarity of using a pencil. Pencils filled with a colored medium can be found almost everywhere. I've even seen colored pencils sold at a gas station. Because manufacturers are constantly engineering new products and packaging them in pencil form, the options for the artist continues to grow. It is Read more [...]

Is It OK to Trace in Art?

Is it ok to trace in art Creative people are usually passionate people. Passionate people are usually opinionated people. So, it's no wonder that creative people are opinionated. And when it comes to tracing or transferring images, every artist has an opinion on whether or not it's appropriate to do so. Some are very passionate and vocal about their feelings. Some feel that it's actually "cheating" to transfer or trace contour lines onto a canvas or a drawing surface. But is it? Tracing or transferring images Read more [...]

Dealing With Artistic Frustration – When Things Don’t Go Your Way

Dealing with artistic frustration Ever feel frustrated when you are in the middle of creating? Ever sit down with an enormous amount of inspiration only to become discouraged when your materials don't want to cooperate with your vision? Perhaps you've started a painting and all has gone well. You've found yourself to be "in the zone" and every mark is cooperating. You're working almost intuitively, and each decision that you've made has been "spot on". The colors are working, the composition is strong, and the materials are Read more [...]

11 Must Have Watercolor Supplies

11 Must Have Watercolor Supplies Perhaps you are an experienced watercolor artist, or maybe you're just starting out. Either way, there are several supplies that I feel are essential for the watercolor artist. You may not use them all in every painting that you create, but if you're looking to stock up on what you'll need to be prepared, here's what I suggest having in your tool box... 1. Watercolor Paints Well, there's no doubt that you'll need watercolor paint. But what brand and what type you should use really becomes Read more [...]

Observation Drills to Improve Representational Drawing

Observation Exercises to Improve Drawing and Painting The drawing exercises can be found further down the page. Drawing representationally is centered on observation. Therefore, observational skills are crucial to success with realistic drawing. If we want to capture an object or subject the way that it appears, then we must look at the subject. We must understand and record the relationships of the lines, shapes, textures, etc. that we see in order to communicate them to the viewer. It wouldn't make sense to expect to take a photograph Read more [...]

How to Draw From Memory

How to Draw From Memory Drawing from observation is fairly direct. It demands a level of practice and develops over time, but the process itself is straight-forward. We observe the subject; simplify it into basic shapes or forms; draw the contours; and then develop the value. Of course, observational drawing requires you to have a reference or a live subject. You clearly cannot draw from observation without a subject to observe. So what happens when we don't have the subject in front of us and we have no reference Read more [...]

Improve Your Drawing by Developing a Habit

Improve Drawing Skills By Developing a Drawing Habit We all have habits. Some are good and some are not so good. Once a habit is formed, it usually "sticks". This is why it is so important to commit to creating good habits in our life and ridding ourselves of the habits that hinder us. It's easy to talk about starting a brand new habit, but it's another thing to develop one. Developing a habit takes dedication and will power in the beginning. Over time, the habit becomes easier to repeat, but it's tough at the start. So, why I am talking Read more [...]

9 Must Have Colored Pencil Supplies

Colored Pencil Supplies Whether you're just starting out with colored pencils, or if you've been at it for a while, there are several materials and supplies that I consider to be "must haves". Every time I sit down to work on a drawing, I make sure that each of these supplies are within my reach. I may not use them for every drawing that I create, but they are an essential part of any colored pencil artist's tool box. Let's have a look inside... 1. Colored Pencils Okay, so this one is fairly obvious. You must Read more [...]