Subjects with Pen and Ink – People

Subjects with Pen and Ink
Series 6 - "People"
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About This Course

This course consists of 31 video lessons covering a variety of subjects and approaches to drawing with pen and ink.

"People" with Pen and Ink

In this lesson series, we’ll draw several different subjects that deal with people with pen and ink.


  • Photo References - Series 6

Lesson 27 - Hand

In lesson twenty-seven, we use technical drawing pens and hatching to create a drawing of a hand on smooth Bristol paper.

Lesson 28 - Skull

In lesson twenty-eight, we use nib pens and hatching to create a drawing of a skull.

Subjects with ink - skull

Lesson 29 - Eye

In lesson twenty-nine, we use technical drawing pens and cross hatching to create a drawing of an eye.

Subjects with ink - eye

Lesson 30 - Figure

In lesson thirty, we use ink wash and nib pens to create a drawing of a figure.

Subjects with ink - figure

Lesson 31 - Portrait

In lesson thirty-one, we use nib pens and cross hatching to create a portrait drawing.

Subjects with ink - portrait
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Subjects with Pen and Ink – People — 8 Comments

  1. Matt, thank you for doing this series. I just became a member at the end of August and knew very little about drawing or paper or mediums. It is remarkable how much you taught me throughout this series. My ability to draw has improved rapidly from your comments as you drew and the incredible variety of items we drew. Comparing the drawings from first to last really lets me see how much you have taught me. Not only have I learned a lot about drawing, I’ve learned lessons on including value, proper shading, and creating texture. I also developed the habit of drawing every day. Interestingly, I had no interest in pen and ink when I became a member a couple months ago but thought I would give this course a whirl. I am so glad I did. Not sure which course I will take next, but I know it will be outstanding. Thanks again Matt.

  2. I thank you Matt very much, I had being following your series for the last 10 months, and since then my afiction to draw has increased quite a lot. Also, I discover the wonder of water color painting.
    The pen and ink series are splendid, I would find very useful to have some suggestions to combine ink with water color
    Thanks a lot.

    • fernando, have you had a look at Matt’s Line and Wash Course? It is not only informative but a beautifully produced video series and also Matt’s love for the art form shines throughout. I am definite loving on to ghat when I complete this intriguing final Pen and Ink Lesson. See you overthere?

  3. Well it took me a little longer than October, but I loved every minute of this working on this course and also the visible improvement in my technique as I progressed through every lesson ( except the lovely, sad house which I couldn’t get a complete photo of). I am now working on your Pen and Ink Experience projects. Any suggestions about what to do after that to broaden my pen and ink slkills gratefully received. I have put Alphonso Dunn’s Book and Workbook on my Christmas wish list, but meantime…… ?

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