Subjects with Pen and Ink – Flowers

Subjects with Pen and Ink: Flowers

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Lesson Description

In this lesson series, we’ll draw several flowers (and fungi) with pen and ink.

Lesson 6 - Rose

In lesson six, we use technical drawing pens and hatching to create a drawing of a rose on smooth Bristol paper.

Lesson 7 - Orchid

In lesson seven, we use technical drawing pens and stippling to create a drawing of an orchid.

Lesson 8 - Mushrooms

In lesson eight, we use technical drawing pens and cross hatching to create a drawing of mushrooms.

Lesson 9 - Daisies

In lesson nine, we use technical drawing pens and hatching to create a drawing of daisies.

Lesson Materials

  • Technical Drawing Pens
  • Dip or Nib Pens
  • Bottled Ink (Carbon Black)
  • Smooth Bristol Paper
  • 2H, H, or HB Graphite Pencil
  • Kneaded Eraser

Lesson Resources


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Reference Images

Finished Drawing

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Subjects with Pen and Ink – Flowers — 7 Comments

  1. Learned a lot from this – Inking is improving as I begin to accept the tediousness of it. At first, I was mindlessly making marks. Appreciate these daily prompts. Otherwise, I would be thinking about what I might like to draw all day rather than actually drawing. Thank you for this wonderful lesson in mindfulness.

  2. Great theme with these pen and ink lessons! I have also seen some very interesting and expressive ink drawings where the artist used a “dot hatching” technique. It could be interesting to see an example of this as well. Just a suggestion. 🌞😊

  3. Stippling Oh yeah, patience is the word Matt. i should have scaled this one down but now i want to see see it thru and focus on the values. Love this series of lessons. Thinking of doing again and using these subjects for a little wash . may be a way to start learning watercolor. tom

    • Ken,

      The photo references are linked to above. The link is in the blue box marked “Resources”. The link reads “Photo References – Series 2”.

Lesson Discussion