Subjects with Pen and Ink – Animals

Subjects with Pen and Ink
Series 4 - "Animals"
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About This Course

This course consists of 31 video lessons covering a variety of subjects and approaches to drawing with pen and ink.

"Animals" with Pen and Ink

In this lesson series, we’ll draw several different animals with pen and ink.


  • Photo References - Series 4

Lesson 17 - Bird

In lesson seventeen, we use nib (or dip) pens and cross hatching to create a drawing of a bird on smooth Bristol paper.

Lesson 18 - Butterfly

In lesson eighteen, we use technical drawing pens and cross hatching to create a drawing of a butterfly.

Subjects with ink - butterfly

Lesson 19 - Koi

In lesson nineteen, we use ink wash and nib pens to create a drawing of a Koi fish.

Subjects with ink - koi

Lesson 20 - Elephant

In lesson twenty, we use technical drawing pens to create a drawing of an elephant.

Subjects with ink - elephant

Lesson 21 - Crab

In lesson twenty-one, we use technical drawing pens to create a drawing of a crab.

Subjects with ink - crab
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Subjects with Pen and Ink – Animals — 1 Comment

  1. Ooohhhh this is aassome, sorry I’ve not been around much on here. You know when I told you I was struggling with my health issues and it’s took a long time to break through, I did it but then it all came back.
    I did Inktober last year and only got one finished so I was determined to do it, well didn’t get any posted but it doesn’t matter I’ve done 9 drawings which I’m on inking.
    I’m really proud of myself doing 9 drawings in a month 😁😁😁.
    And now you doing pen & ink series. I am actually half way through your pen & ink course. I’ve quite enjoyed drawing with ink pens and bottled ink.The only thing I found challenging is blending with ink, it’s not as easy as ya think.
    Again thanks for everything Matt because I’ve grown so much even though I haven’t thought that myself. And I fell in the house because my bad leg will give way and sometimes I’ve issues with my balance but this time I managed to break my foot, God was agony !!!!
    I have a high pain threshold because of my conditions, anyway I went over on my foot.
    And it’s broken and I was thinking no my Inktober but they gave me. Moon boot helping me walk whilst it’s healing.

    Never rains but it pours…..
    Kind regards Christine 😁

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