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“Portrait Drawing The Smart Way” is now complete making it the latest addition to the collection of comprehensive courses offered here at TheVirtualInstructor.com, all of them included with membership. The addition of this course now brings the total of courses offered up to 8 with an additional mini-course. There are now over 33 hours of course video and over 1000 pages of ebooks. Each course that is created is logically sequenced and features multiple demonstrations in a variety of media, covering a variety of subjects. Each module within each course includes a High Definition video and accompanying ebook.

At the conclusion of the development of each course, I reach out to you and encourage your feedback (through voting) on the next course that you would like to see developed. This site is designed to serve you after all. When voting concludes, I begin developing the next course, releasing modules as they are developed (every week or two) to members until the course is complete.

As new courses are developed, they are added to the library of courses, recorded Live Lessons, lesson plans, and Member’s Minute episodes that are already available to members. So, the library of educational content continues to grow over time.

It is now time to vote!


Based on your suggestions and previous voting options, I have provided a list of possibilities for the next course. Below you’ll find a listing and brief description of each of the possibilities. After reading through, be sure to click on the “vote now” button to cast your vote. Voting begins May 2, 2016 and will end on May 28, 2016. The winning course will be announced on May 30. (You may vote for more than one.)

Course Options

Option #1 – “Mixed Media” – Not all media can be mixed, but there are quite a few combinations that work exceptionally well with each other. By mixing media, we can exploit the strongest characteristics of the medium and make up for the “weaknesses” with additional media. This course will focus on a variety of mixed media combinations that are exceptionally successful.

Option #2 – “Digital Drawing and Painting” – Use Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter to create digital drawings and paintings by following the principles of traditional practices. Learn the fundamentals of light and shadow, creating textures, and the illusion of form by applying a variety of brushes and effects.

Option #3 – “Charcoal Drawing” – Learn various charcoal techniques through the exploration of a variety of subjects. Apply charcoal loosely to create expressive sketches or command control of the medium to create highly rendered and detailed drawings.

Option #4 – “How To Draw Hands and Feet” – Some consider drawing hands and feet to be the most difficult of all subjects. However, even the most difficult subjects can be simplified and mastered by anyone. This course will focus on the basic principles of drawing hands and feet including multiple layout strategies, proportion, anatomy, and rendering realistic textures.

Option #5 – “The Ultimate Guide to Perspective” – Take a journey into the world of linear perspective. Learn how to apply one-point, two-point, and three-point perspective to create the illusion of space in your drawings. Apply perspective techniques to multiple subjects including buildings, interiors, non-objective drawings, and the human figure.

Option #6 – “Painting with Gouache” – Gouache (opaque watercolor) is an exciting medium that provides the artist with the best of both worlds. Apply transparent washes to create effects similar to watercolor or layer colors with opaque applications. Explore multiple techniques with this versatile medium through a variety of subjects.

Option #7 – “Abstraction” – Learn how to abstract subjects to create your own unique works of art. We’ll explore a bit of history and take a look at several abstraction techniques. Learn how to develop your own process of abstraction that can be applied to any subject.

Don’t see a course possibility that appeals to you? You can “write in” a suggestion as well through the voting process.

Ready to vote?


I’m excited to develop the next course for you! Thanks for voting! Results will be released on May 30, 2016 and new course modules will be released starting in June 2016.

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Lesson Discussion

  1. oh yeah an abstraction course to develop your own style and your own model of the world in your pictures surely is not so oftenly rendered on other sites or by other teachers. At least as far as I know. I put my vote on this one, cause i see it helping me manifesting my vision of being a distinct comic drawer the most.

    Mixing Media sounds attractive too as well as Digital Painting. Cant wait to see the results 😉

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