Realistic Pencil Drawing: Introduction and Materials

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Lesson Description

In this lesson series, we’ll tackle our final challenge which comes in the form of a shiny sports car, a Porsche 911, surrounded by gravel and trees. A dizzying array of textures await us.

Lesson 1 - Materials and the Grid

In this lesson, we take a look at the materials used to complete the drawing. We set up our drawing surface with a grid and draw the contours.

Lesson 2 - Abstraction

In this lesson, we begin the process of developing the texture and value. We learn to look for the abstract shapes of value and include them in our drawing.

Lesson 3 - 77 Drawings

In this lesson, we continue working on the background and learn to approach our drawing one small square at a time.

Lesson 4 - Reflections

In this lesson, we work down into the body of the car and slowly develop the complex reflections.

Lesson 5 - Getting Grilled

In this lesson, we continue working down the body of the car and work our way to the grill where we find subtle transitions of value.

Lesson 6 - High Contrast

In this lesson, we address the front side panel of the car and develop the high contrasting reflections that face the light source.

Lesson 7 - Finishing Touches

In this lesson, we complete the drawing by addressing the wheels and tires, the rest of the body, and the surrounding textures.

Lesson Materials

  • Stonehenge Warm White Drawing Paper
  • Lead Holder
  • Graphite Grades (2H, HB, 4B)
  • Blending Stumps
  • Precise Vinyl or Plastic Eraser (Tombow Mono)
  • Ruler
  • Electric Eraser (Optional)

Lesson Resources


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Photo Reference

Gridded Photo Reference

Finished Drawing

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Lesson Discussion

  1. Oh my gosh, i am SO excited to start this one! I have learned more from your site and tutorials than any other i have participated with, and the membership is worth every penny! This series is my personal favorite and sad to see its end, but what an image to end on 🤘

  2. Me again! I also wanted to ask if there is another type of paper that would be good for this project? I have lots of different type of paper and don’t want to by another just yet.
    Thanks again!

  3. Matt, I’m just learning to draw. I was amazed at how much tonal diversity you achieved using only three grades of graphite. Excellent job. Watching you draw, appreciating how long it took, certainly challenged and inspired me. One of the most helpful things I took from this was your workflow: work a while. Step away. Come back refreshed and above all…be patient. Thank you so much for this series and for your website.

  4. Hi Matt, this looks really good.
    Over the last 6 months I’ve not being doing much drawing, my illness isn’t too good got diagnosed with another long-term condition which affects my lungs and I’m already asthmatic. So 3 long terms to deal with anyway I’m still here and I’ve stared to get back into drawing snd I have a file with the graphite course I want to do next. Ive only a couple modules in pen and ink, it should of been finished ages ago.
    Anyway I’m back.

  5. wow what a drawing to finish on, really pushed me out of my comfort zone of soft feathers and fur. really enjoyed following along and learned alot along the way. Thank you, now to loosen up with a catch up on getty sketchey

  6. hello
    first i wanna say thank you very much for this wonderful course i defiantly had so many ahah moments and learned a lot from it, I drew the car along with you and it came out really good with few mistakes but I know what to look for next time, and you did make me feel better for taking too long to finish a drawing i thought i was slow and was gonna give up on drawing until i took this course . looking forward to join your channel soon and learn more from you
    thank very much

  7. Boy! You really know how to challenge the novice! I have learned an immense amount of insight and practical knowledge through your courses. So far, I am doing all the graphite courses because I so want to learn to draw. I’m amazed at my progress! But doing the grid work is surprisingly hard for me. IDK if it is a problem with my astigmatism (hard to focus sometimes) or the stress of trying to get things relatively accurate. It is kinda overwhelming. If anyone has any feedback or tips, I’d appreciate it. TY.

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