Oil Painting Master Series: Underpainting

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Lesson Discussion

  1. This lesson was a revelation to me. No one had ever explained to me what an underpainting really was and I am now going to attack a new painting with a better understanding of how the underpainting can help me with my values. Thank you for that.

  2. Good lesson. Kills two birds w/ one stone! Plan for painting & value study!! Should give more confidence going into rest of painting! So simple and so valuable! Thank you!!

  3. I was very disappointed that the next lesson was not finishing the painting as started in the “under painting” video! It was such a good lead-in lesson but then not followed through! Why??

    • I think I know what you are talking about. The figures in the wind toward the trees, kind of Andrew Wyethish. Yes, I too wondered whatever happened to the finished concept. Glazing the spheres, that’s good and simple, but what about and what to do with my two captured kids out in the wind by themselves. Need a finishing touch. Feel cheated somehow … LOL Anything you can do to get the kids off the easel and into the painted completion?
      Chris Brown

  4. In this under painting lesson above, where is the completed under painting used before the finish of all of the modules, or is there nothing done with the under painting. I can’t find where it is used, so it sits patiently on one of my easels awaiting direction. Is there none? Or am I blind as a horny toad in my old age?
    Chris Brown

  5. Wonderful tips for us to begin creating our own work with the underpainting technique simplifying our necessary decisions as painters minds and hand identify and isolate the values across our entire canvas. Your lesson was well articulated, demonstrated, and very inspiring!

  6. Hello Matt, I am trying to download some of the video lessons, but there is no download video link. There is a “download e-book” link, descriptions of the video lesson, suggested materials, and “Next Video”. I have tried different browsers, and it’s the on all of your videos. Please Help!

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